chef ed

Last night I went to work, four more nights of work before back to the drawing board. I guesstimated the amount of the paycheck, rent, and see that I’d be about $35 short. Hmmm… perhaps I shouldn’t have bought food last week. Nah… I’ll go give plasma twice this week and make $35. But when I got to work I saw that the Thanksgiving schedule had been changed. Everyone had Friday off as well. That means that I’d have only 3 nights. Ouch. I was mostly in a good mood, but wasn’t upbeat through the shift. Until 12:30 when I am usually told to go home. Instead we were put on constructing lots of drawers and stuff. We took two breaks and at 4:00 we went home. Three and a half extra hours! I hope the next two nights are like this.

But since it was such a long night and I didn’t get home until early this morning, I slept later than I had planned for a 12:30 night. No biggie, the two things that I don’t have done today that I had planned on was selling blood plasma and running three miles (but not in that order). I MUST direct some of my energy towards running and cardio. I didn’t cancel my gym membership outright… instead cutting the cost down to $15 a month (more than can afford still) but it is still an important aspect of life. Especially now! With the drop in income my choice in food had shifted incredibly. I do not even go into the produce area anymore (I used to fill up half of my cart with produce) and instead shop for bargains. My heuristic is what can I get the most of for the least amount of money. It is insane that this generally leads me to buying the most fatty foods in the store! It is not uncommon for a “meal” to have less than 20 grams of protein, over 60 in carbs, and averaging 20 or more grams of fat. AAAAAGGGGHHHH! Add to this that my body is not naturally muscular (I was a skinny twerp in school) and working out muscles without protein can do more harm than good to what little I’ve got. But In missing the weights portion, I’ve also started to cut out the cardio for the past couple weeks (like two months). Oh my gosh… I put my jeans on, they were a bit snug around the waist and when I looked in the mirror, the small and imagined tire that I felt I had (which wasn’t really big at all) was now a bonafide spare tire.


As part of the cheap eats program, I’ve reluctantly returned to the ramen noodle regement. I tried to avoid it as much as I could because of the days when I moved to Eugene. After a million times of eating it out of 7-11 cup with hot water from the bathroom, I eventually quit using water at all and ate it staight out of the package. But today I opened up three packages and cooked them and added my last three eggs, and two sausages, and stirred it all together. Voila… high fat, carbs, and good protein. At least I’m getting something out of it.

I’ve got to attack the cardio once again. I must, I have to! But another reason, aside from pure vanity, is that I’ve got to prep for my upcoming PFT for re-entering the Marine Reserves. I’ve got to work on my pull-ups, my run should be fine, and I’ve got to get to 100 crunches in less than 2 minutes. I hate crunches. It is the most neglected exercise that I do (when I am steady in the gym).

I talked to Starla today. She’s a great friend. I swear I’d walk to Nevada to lend her a hand. She told me that she heard from her husband that the place he works at might be looking for some workers. This place is, coincidentally, the same place that I am working the temp job at now. We are on different shifts. Funny.

Now I have less than an hour before I strike out on my walk to work. AC/DC “Jailbreak” just came on and I remember the Helles Belles concert I went to. It was a gas. I’ll pour my hot chocolate into a carry mug and enjoy the walk. Yes, things are tight as hell right now. But they can get tighter. I still have it more fortunate than many. And if I am able to pull a miracle out of my ass and pay rent, or I must look elsewhere for a place to live in two weeks, I still have an appreciation for life. This Thanksgiving I might splurge on a turkey sandwiche or something (actually… I still have a couple turkey patties in the freezer), but when I give thanks… it will be for the ability to percieve thanks, the capacity to appreciate.


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