reading comprehension

Not much time to delve into this, but this morning about 4:00 am when I was home from work and was reading a bit from a special issue of Scientific American devoted to Mind and Consciousness, I was struck at the implications of a study investigating the effects of damage to either left hemisphere or right hemisphere and language ability on deaf sign language users. The results were against what made logical sense from the start, and reaffirmed the growing evidence concerning the importance of Broca’s and Wernicke’s area in the left hemisphere concerning language in the human brain. Fascinating stuff and as I read it I gave out several “wow”s.

I also wrote a letter to the Register Guard today. If accepted it might make Wednesday’s or Thursday’s printing. For the most part the RG is kinda useless if one watches CNN. Still, I enjoy reading Bob Welch’s column. His columns are insightful and filled with many things to keep the heart and head occupied. A reader had written of her disgust at Welch’s advocacy of consumerism in a past column. The words might be against the topic, but the letter was against the character of Mr Welch. It seemed that instead of reading and comprehending the column, the writer instead merely scanned for buzz words and reacted to them. Reading comprehension is down, and buzzword usage is up. Check legislation on this… it is filled with it. We don’t care so much about what things do, but how they sound. It is okay to have an organization of white men who are acting to put minorities into the cotton fields as long as their organization is titled the “preservation of southern heritage league”. Puhleeze. And Mississippi should get rid of the confederate flag in the state flag design.

I’m running late for work now.


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