“To come to nature, feelt its power, let it help you, one needs time and patience for that. Time to think, to figure it all out. You have so little time for contemplation; it’s always rush, rush, rush with you. It lessens a person’s life, all that grind, that hurrying and scurrying about.”
~ John (Fire) Lame Deer

Another beautiflu day. The sky is grey, the green of the pine seems deeper, the mood is relaxed and affords time to think. Currently on my plate is John Mack’s essay The Politics of Species Arrogance. The title aside, it is written by a psychiatrist about psychology’s place in politics and the environment. The soundtrack to the movie Gladiator is playing. I love both the movie and the soundtrack. I particularly love song number 6, the Road to Zucchabar. My thoughts winde around the skeletal tree limbs outside my window, swaying ever so gently as to nearly be imperceptable. What were the nature of these thoughts? How did the act? How was I thinking about the subject matter at hand? The mental crocpot approach is used often by my self. I throw in everything I can, and let things simmer until a stew builds up. I will use logical approaches at time, X + Y = Z(B-M), but they are more for problem solving issues. Such as, how am I going to pay for rent. There’s the goal, break it down in steps, accomplish each step. Elementary. But thinking on things, that is entirely a different matter all together.

While walking to work yesterday I took a quick pace. I wasn’t running late, but I wasn’t going to be to work early either. Any dilly-dally and I’d be late. Yet, while walking briskly down the sidewalk, my eyes shifted many times, moving from one area to another, enjoying the sites of trees, moss on the rooftops, cats prowling in a bush. I came to some trees and I stopped instantly. They were, what… aspen, birch? I am not very good at telling trees apart I’m afraid. But their white and black bark, and taut, iron skin texture, grabbed my attention. I ran my hand along the sides. I could discern scratches from some other walker. I wouldn’t be scratching it… only feeling its texture. I do believe that one should never be in such a hurry as to not stop and enjoy a beautiful sight. And if timeliness to work must be sacrificed for a moment’s reverence, so be it.

Back to my thoughts in the window. I still have a lot that I want to put into my mental crocpot. While thus far the essay moved along already investigated paths, the author did make one point that was novel to me. Well, not entirely novel. The parts were entirely common, perception, opinion, authority, etc… but the spin was a bit different. It offered an interesting approach, politically, for say… an activist group. But as I think the matter over, it is used by the Libertarian party often enough. However, it isn’t the exact mode that intriques me, it is the deeper understanding. Two cars travelling down the the highway seem similar enough, yet one car is filled wtih a family going on vacation, another is filled with a woman going to the hospital.

I’m not getting anywhere. I didn’t stat this entry with any purpose really. The coffee is good. It looks like the miracle will come through. Things are tough, tight, and stretched very thin… but I’m here and I’ll pay rent (in the middle of the month).

I got an email from John. He was a key force in the local chapter of the Green Party until he left in the Spring nad took a cross country trip. Now he’s back, not with the GP anymore, and tending more to education along issues than a polital group. He wrote me about a meeting at a coffee shop, discuss life, philosophy, politics, etc… Oh yeah! I always found his opinion in the GP meetings to be well balanced and insightful. We may not have always agreed, but I respect his opinion. Who knows… maybe out of our meeting, we can include another… and then another person, drawing from science majors, poets, a diverse arrangement of people. Perhaps something can be born here. Who knows.

Time to refill the coffee and return to my book.


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