Ugh. I feel like crap. It isn’t a cold or anything… it is lifestyle. Diet, exercise, work, sleep patterns, all have changed. The sap of my inner tree is running very slow today. I’ve got coffee brewing, but with the three hours that I have from waking up till work, I don’t know if I can read and do the things I’ve got to do. On my list is laundry, getting some bread for tuna sandwiches, and striking a deal with the landlord on rent.

Maybe its the smell of my cat. He’s been going through good phase lately, but last night or this morning, he’s picked a new spot and the stench is driving me up the wall. I must really love this cat, because I’ve never put up with this much in the past. WTF? Now he has just eaten three leaves on my balcony.


There is a town meeting on Monday at 7pm, one of 14 in the state, to recieve inputs about public opinion on what to do should wolves begin to establish territories in Oregon. We’ve had three already, two dead and one carried back to Idaho. I wish I could be there, but I’ll be working. At least I’m working… for now.

While in yet another environment, watching line supervisors and the working habits of the staff, I am reaffirmed in my belief that leadership is applicable in all jobs. That there are certain traits and characterisitics which has positive effects across so many areas. I’ve noted that the training and safety awareness where I am at is extremely poor. I’ve made several mistakes and when they are addressed I get another piece of the puzzle in how to do things. At this rate, in six months I might know what is going on. One of the day supervisors completely lacks in any leadership skills. But I understand where he is coming from for I used to be the same way a couple years ago. He has the belief that unless he appears on the edge of a spasm, he cannot be taken seriously by management as to be doing a full job. If he isn’t acidic in his dealings with workers, he feels that they wont respect his position. There is a rumor of him coming to the night shift. I am already playing out scenarios in my mind on how to handle a situation that I know will happen. He’ll spaz out on me or something of the sort and I’ll have to set him straight. I do not speak of an ego shouting match. No… I, like most people, do not like working for a person that degrades and shouts. Instead, the situation that I have in my mind is to listen to him fully and when he is done, calmly and with attention to not giving any offensive gestures (which can set people off), ask him for a talk outside. There I’ll give him instruction on some of the severely lacking skills of both management and leadership, offer them to him for thought, and return to work. It is entirely possible that he takes this the wrong way when it happens. If one has little sense of esteem as a manager, then any action by a worker other than jumping up through a fire hoop is seen as a rebellion against one’s direction. So here is my challenge… how to influence this guy to become a better manager through instilling the seeds of leadership within him. Of course, I’ve also noted that the actions of the line supervisors seem to mirror what I am percieving to be the executive culture. I am reminded of John Maxwell’s thoughts that it all starts at the top. Daily I see examples where the workers look to the line supervisors for cue on behavior, and I see similiarities in the behaviors of the the supervisors which I can point to the example and culture set by the owner/ceo/whatever (I’ve not seen this level and don’t know its makeup).

Ugh… I’ve got to open a damn window… I am dying!!!!


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