book quiz from Jupes

What book are you reading right now?
Gee whiz… several. “Ethics” (Spinoza), “Mind of the Raven” (Heinrich) “Brothers Karamazov” (Dostoevsky) “Ecopsychology” (various) “Meme Machine” (Blackmore). I rotate around five books generally, with one changing every few days.

What was the last book you finished?
Ishmael (Daniel Quinn)

When is your favorite time to read?
Late afternoon through to the evening to late/early morning.

Where is your favorite place to read?
A coffee shop, or in my bed

What is the first book you remember reading?
I have “It Must Be Magic”, a collection of fairy tales, but the earliest book I remember was when I was just learning to read, sitting in the hallway in the house next to the highway in Strong, Arkansas, about a red hen, a black hen, and a white hen.

Who is your favorite novelist?
Anne Rice, Tom Robbins, R.A. Salvatore and added recently is Dostoyevsky

Which school text did you most enjoy?
High school or earlier? I don’t know if I can remember a book that I read during that time. Gee… I am uncertain if I ever completed a reading assignment!

What is the most difficult book you have ever read?
Trying to get through Spinoza’s “Ethics”. After that by a close second is the textbook for Organizational Psyche because it was so DAMN DRY!!!!!

What is the most erotic book you have ever read?
Penthouse letters. Okay, that probably doesn’t count. I’m not much on erotic thrillers… but I own an adult fairy tale book called “Monsters and Other Lovers” which is quite a fun read at times.

What is your funniest book?
Robbin’s “Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates”.

And saddest?
Frank McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes”

What is your favorite children’s book?
“It Must Be Magic”

What is your most overrated book?
“Playing for the Ashes” George

Name your most underrated book.
“The Dark Elf Trilogy” by R.A. Salvatore

Who is your favorite character?
The Vampire Lestat

Which characters do you hate most?
None of them.

With which character do you most identify?
Raistlin Majere in the Dragonlance saga.

With which character would you most like to have an affair?
Merrick from “Merrick” by Anne Rice

Who would be your ideal literary dining companions?
Anne Rice, Salvatore, Dostoevsky, Thoreau, Whitman, Shakespeare, Jung, Longfellow, Wilde, Kerouac, Robbins… I’m sure I’m missing a couple.

What is the worst screen adaptation?
Queen of the Damned… horrible horrible horrible.

Name three desert island choices
“Ethics” (Spinoza) “Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior” (Audubon) “Voyage of the HMS Beagle” (Darwin)

What is your favorite poem?
The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost

Which book changed your life?
“The Vampire Lestat” (Anne Rice)

Which book would you make compulsory reading?
Which book isn’t compulsory reading? I don’t know… tonight it is Noam Chomsky’s “The New Military Humanism”.


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