He has eaten a lot, and drank a lot of water. But he was close to being back, just getting the wrong floor. I like the idea of him going out every now and then, but I don’t like the uncertainty of it. Since his first growl at me, he has been the perfect angel he used to be. One big fluffball of purrs and play.

Three books I want to read: The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Great Expectations by Dickens. What is really starting to sink in to me is the great vehicle for ideas the novel is. Little ideas pop into my mind now and then on an idea for a book, using lots of stuff in it to get one singular idea across. It is in this vein that I’d like to read Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion. Ken Kesey is a local Eugenian (he passed away but is still very much alive in the community) and I’ve touched the bus further, which makes rounds at local festivals. Local bookshops are selling Kesey posters (quite tasteful also) and the proceeds go to a foundation. But after his death when the community had group readings of the book in several spots through the summer, I browsed through it and saw something about a logging family. Having come from a rural family dependant on the logging industry, I wasn’t particularly drawn to it. But I am gaining interest. I hear stories from people from time to time on behaviors of Kesey, and they certainly don’t seem to fit the bill of someone who is pro timber. So what message did he get out there?

What intrigues me is how I could get an ideal automatically assumed to be diametrically opposed to one’s view to be seen in a sympathetic light. I have a lot of ideas for writing in my mind from time to time. Now if I can just get some prescription for my ADHD. HA!


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