Saturday, yesterday, I went shopping for groceries. I bought delicous Bush Baked Beans (I can eat a whole bowl), burritos and turkey pot pies on sale (the turkey has 20 grams of protien and 6 servings per container!), carpet cleaner, and some other stuff. My total came to $33.38… I splurged big time! When things are going good for me I usually budget $60 a week on food (not including household supplies) and $60 a month (if not that great a month) to $80 a month (if doing better). Protein powder and meal supplements aren’t cheap. I felt great and sore from my workout, and I can tell that I need protein in my body. Groan.

I’ve beaten my football video game twice and have played Da Bears against everyone and won. I’ve started the franchise mode where all the teams drafted every player. I chose my strategy for the draft based on what sort of team I wanted. I got a good quarterback, two good recievers, a tackle breaking running back, good O line, and great linebackers. I’ve got the leading rusher in the league (and he started four games late because I didn’t realize I had the fullback acting as running back… no wonder my running average was so low) and I was the #1 offense and defense, but I’ve slipped to #1 offense, #2 special teams, #6 defense, which is odd, because my team has given up the fewest number of yards, passing, rushing, first downs, points, and third down conversions than any other team. I’ve lost one game so far (would’ve been two had not been for a great come back with 30 seconds left) and am looking to go to the playoffs. My quarterback is Rich Gannon, star line backer is Urlacher (of course), wide reciever is Hilliard, and running back is Biackabatuka (smash mouth baby!). I love this game.

I watched Gladiator tonight, again for the hundreth time. I love this movie. It is my #2 favorite movie now, closely following The Blues Brothers with The Man with One Red Shoe falling to #3, Dead Poets Society at #4 and Shakespeare in Love at #5. On my DVD of the movie, Gladiator, disc two there are story boards, deleted scenes (which I would love to see in the movie) and a long “music video” of the movie with the music from the score playing. Beautiful!!!!!! Speaking of deleted scenes, the scene with the Christians fed to the lions was utterly chilling. No doubt that this scene didn’t make it in the movie because horror is infused so much into the scene.

Today my boy cat, Achilles, acted up again. He pawed and pawed at the door and I finally gave in and let him out. Five minutes later I checked on him and he was nearby. I picked him up and came inside. While holding him, as I always do and as he usually purrs, I heard two hisses. I didn’t mind it and placed him down and talked to him in a cooing tone and acted as though he was the cutest cat on the planet (and he’s not… my girl cat is). He was unsure on how to act. With the space of three seconds he went from friendly, to mean, to friendly, to mean, to friendly to mean. He hissed particularly evil at me and I batted him on the ears. I am no saint it would appear. He ran under the bed and came to check on me a few minutes later while I was watching the ducks beat pepperdine in basketball. He seemed to try and sneak across the room, not wanting anything to do with me acting mean. He went to the door, which I had left cracked, and when he reached it he left. I’ve not heard from him since, though it was only a few hours ago. Since the last incident he’s been fairly well behaved, aside from the spraying everything around me (and I have to go hunt it with a flashlight and clean it with orange spray) he’s been an angel.

I was approached by three line supervisors Thursday. They cornered me and asked me if I’d be interested in getting hired on at the company (the pay is $9.50 an hour). I told them that it was nice of them to think such, but my goal was to finish college and I felt that the money I needed to make, and the time I need off of work to study, would both be best suited if I was able to get into a good bar/restaurant as a bartender and that I’ve been trying for over three months now. I told them that if an opportunity came up I’d take it in a heartbeat and so I’d probably best stay a temp. The co-worker that I work with the most told me that he felt that if I had accepted the job, he would have been fired. I didn’t know how to take that really. He seems dis-satisfied at the work place and I have no doubt after watching the interactions of those around me for three weeks that if I chose to stay at the plant and work myself up to supervisor that I could do so quite easily. I am convinced that if a person were to show initiative, integrity, and the willingness and ability to learn their job tasks, the machines concerned with it, and those of the supporting jobs around him, that moving up would naturally follow. I am not so blind to think that there isn’t a social aspect to moving up in the job, but to say that one cannot move up simply because one is not a “kiss ass” is a cop out.

I hung pictures and posters on my walls today. I’ve got my grandmother, mom (my new mom) and dad, sister and her husband and my two nephews on the wall now. The books on my desk are lined up now, instead of being stacked in piles about the desk. From left to right they are

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Developing the Leader Within You
Principle Centered Leadership
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
First Things First
The Principles of Psychology
The White Diamond of Pi Kappa Phi
Founding Brothers
Pour Your Heart Into It (history of Starbucks)
Learn to Meditate (better than the cheesy title)
The Complete Pelican Shakespeare
The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior
National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America
Trees of the Northwest
Critical Essays on Spinoza
Wherever You Go There You Are
Doing Psychology Experiments
Synaptic Self
Spinoza’s Ethics
The Meme Machine
Down to Earth Sociology
If a Lion Could Talk
Dictionary of Philosophy
Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People
The Brothers Karamazov
The Mind of the Raven
The Trees in My Forest
The New Military Humanism

I flip through some of these books often, some not so much, but the ones I do change from day to day. But these are pretty much the core books of my interest during the past season, from Spring til now. I wonder what my desk list of books will look like in five years.

I’m tired and am soon to go to bed. I noticed that someone has noticed my profile at american singles. I sent her a tease. While walking home tonight, the four blocks from the grocery store with a light rain falling (I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had I not been carrying three bags of groceries) I thought, what woman in her right mind would go out on a date with me? I’ve got no transportation, I am two months late on my bills, I work at a crappy job, and I recently discovered a cat stain on my jacket (so I am a smelly bum as well). Well, the jacket can (and will) be washed, the bills will be caught up on, and the job is temporary. But looking at the bright side, suppose I do meet someone and she is able to like me, even though I take tuna fish sandwiches to work, walk in the rain sometimes because I have to, sometimes because I love to, and I am basically starting over (again) in the getting in shape department,… that she might be something special. Gotta put a positive spin on it, otherwise it can get downright depressing to think about (especially since I turn 32 in a month).


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