television cracks me up. Watching the commercial for the new Dateline, showing the scandal of scannes charging full price. Yeah America, there is nothing more deserving of the minds of our journalists to uncover than the scandal of price scanners.

There is a diamond ring commercial where the guy is in Italy with his wife for anniversary. He shouts at the top of his lungs in the center of the square “I LOVE THIS WOMAN”. I like this part, it is something that I would definitely do. He gives her a diamond ring. That’s all nice and good, I’d buy a ring for a woman I loved. But the commercial was off in flavor that it bothered me. When she saw the ring she said that she loved him over and over. It seems to me that there is a misleading element in the commercial. The wrong message is sent and fundamentally I see the woman as selling her love. But what do I know.

In today’s newspaper, in the Oregon Life section (arts, books, travel) there are pictures of some of the stuff to go into the new library. What a joy! One is a life sized statue of Eugene Skinner, sittind down, where children can sit next to it on a rock. The children’s patio features mosaic benches and the stained glass looks wonderful. Another statue is “Leif’s Dream” of a bronze billy goat facing down a troll beneath a bridge. At the end of the bridge a boy rouses from a dream.” One idea I find really neat is Mike Walsh’s “Works: Fragments of the Material Age”. He rescued old fashioned card catalogue cards. He asked 50 people for favorite books and quotes from those books. He’s created placards of the cards with the quote on the bottom. There are two featured in the paper, one is from Carl Jung, one of the mentors of my mind.

Because there are innumerable things beyond the range of human understanding, we constantly use symbolic terms to represent concepts that we cannot define or fully comprehend.
~ Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols.

Maya Angelou is going to be at UO in February. That would be great to go see. I’d still like to figure out a way to see the opera La Boheme Dec 31st. There is a coupon in the books section of the paper to take to Emeral City Fine Books for $5 off any book. Oh my… I must control myself. I cannot allow myself to wander near Willamette street for I might find myself within the walls of that bookstore and will no doubt buy a book. There is a series of books there that I really want. They are an encyclopedic set of children’s books and the story has all nine (or ten?) volumes. They are on the top shelf in the children’s section and are selling for $45. The price has gone down $5. Maybe with the coupon I can get the set for $40. No, banish such thoughts… I have bills, bills, bills, bills to pay. The book set was one of four sets that sat on the falling bookshelf, groaning under its weight, near my bedroom door. The bookshelf held one set of science encylopedias with pictures that might have been from the 50’s and 60’s. No doubt they are left over from my mom’s childhood. Another set was a regular encyclopedia set. Another one was an encyclopedia set that I cannot remember anything of, save that it had pale blue covers, and one of the volumes was 50’s lit on home economics. The graphics that I remember in my mind are like Suzy Homemaker making a cake. There were all manner of stuff in those books, even games for kids to play. Another set was the fairy tale encyclopedia that I loved.

It is rainy nicely outside. No doubt the little boy cat is soaked somewhere. I hope he is doing well.


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