Pretty good day

La Boheme is only a few days away. The opening of the new library is only a few days away. Rent is only a few days away.

Oh that life is grand! I am immensely in love with life. I went and withdrew $20 from my bank account today. I have $1.65 left in checking. I am hopeful that nothing will enter my account (bank fee, gym, whatever) for another two days until I can deposit my check. Last night I read a little of Nagel’s What is it like to be a bat?. Good reading. I read a bit more of If a Lion Could Talk before bed as well. Good reading. Today while walking to the bank I read a couple of pages of Flow. I wore my Santa hat too! I’m a jolly elf! There was a letter in the paper from a person saying that he wasn’t Christian and would all of the merry people around him not push their merry christmas onto him. The poor lad must have an anus the size of a pea. I wonder in what does this person take any joy from? Suppose you go to another country with an entirely different religion and everyone is celebrating it. Do you shout at them? No. Do you look for some sort of joy? Yes. How is a woman at a store wearing an elf hat who says “merry christmas” to you while you are leaving a pushy person? I am not a Christian. I do not believe in the Jesus as god any more than I believe in dancing elephants on the moon. But I love Christmas. It has trancended the Christian aspect of the holiday, for the holiday was placed on older pagan celebration of the winter solstice. There are lots and lots of tales during this period of the year from different regions and periods of history which are not connected with Jesus at all. A friend recently emailed me a story of the 13 lads (of trollish decent it appears) in Scandinavia who come down and play pranks, one lad for each day up to the the Yuletide festivities. The offended person is, in my opinion, just looking for something to be ornery about.

An analogy came to mind. A forest, filled with large, lush trees of varying species. Watching the forest one becomes aware of a squirrel running along a branch of a tree and leaping out into the branches of another tree. Some trees are tall, some are short, some broad, some tall and thin. Because of this diversity of trees the squirrel is able to move about in many directions and at many levels.

The squirrel is a thought. The trees are regions of the brain and/or memeplexes (a collection of associated memes). Having a mind versed only in one field of science is like having a tree farm for a forest. Environmentalists are quick to point out the lack of diversity and its ill effects on the bio-region, but how many are truly diverse in the forest of their mind? I shouldn’t pick on just environmentalists, others have such tree farms as well. Some don’t even have a tree farm, but a barren desert with only one oasis.

Important is the need to put seeds for future trees into the forest. Exposure to zoos, to acting in a school play, to painting, to sports, to chemistry set at home, to reading poetry, to camping trips, to creating a club, to mysteries, to a discipline of cleaning a room, to all manner of things and more are seeds. Exposure to not only one religion, but others with the intent of “equals” (even humanism as a religion). The forest needs sunshine, or constant praise and support, water, nutrients, and animals that run around in the forest. A forest of ideas is no good without action. Act some of them out, join a literary club, a protest organization, a recycling club, a young safari group at the zoo. Daydream! I’ve always daydreamed scenarios, odd ones at many times, but mundane ones as well. If I found that I had a problem in dealing with an emotional issue I would daydream approaching the person and discussing it. The animals live in my forest.

In the laundray room there is a large GRE Psychology book with 6 practice tests, answers, and a detailed glossary. Oh happy day! I looked at a few of the problems and I would have a blank, but when I looked up the answer I kicked myself because I knew the answer. Apparently I’ve not ventured into some of the parts of the forest as much as others. Example, The MMPI is to psychopathology as the CPI is to, normalcy, childhood, IQ, projectivity, childhood psychopathhology. I thought to myself and drew a blank on what CPI was. It is the California Psychological Inventory developed by Gough, is an objective personality inventory developed for use with less clinical and deviant groups than the MMPI. Well duh. How many psychology classes have I taken? Gough rings out like Betty Crocker. No psychology student at my level should be lost as to Gough and the CPI. Basic psychology. It appears that my two year absensces between rounds of college have a negative effect upon me in the recall department. I’ve maintained pretty well the overarching ideas and themes, as they are part of my basic bag of ideas used in daily philosophical musing. Yet the names, dates, and such are lacking. So the GRE is a blessing for me. I’ll study this guide as I continue my philosophy/psychology reading and when I get back into college, look out professors. Among the boards that I debate on, one is headed by a philosophy professor on the East coast. I disagree with him often and no doubt should I enter college and finally take a philosophy course (I suppose I’d have to take an intro course due to requirements) that I will challenge many assertions made in class. Good, I cannot wait.

My future is uncertain. Yet I can see in my mind stacks of tomes to go through, lots of coffee to be drank while pondering a puzzle of the mind. The crossing of philosophy of mind, psychology of behavior, history, and sociology are the temptations that I cannot resist. I am in love with the possibility and it drives me further. While walking back from the bank, I passed by a coffee shop and longed to go inside. To my left was the rooftop of the soon to open library and I eagerly await the occurence. A few blocks behind me is the opera house. And to my immediate left is a window with a sculpture of a dragon in flight, making a circle from what appears to be exhuberant joy. I love this town!

Now I must quickly cook something to eat, get my laundry, change the litter box, and leave for work, all within twenty five minutes.


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