Funny thing

While I am busily discussing the relativity of ethics in the philosophy cafe, I cannot help but laugh. For as I am sitting here and looking over my Covey Planner I review the quote of the day, and other days too. Lots of quotes about principles and such Before me on my desk sits a line of books, three of them Covey books and two of them Maxwell leadership books. All five books are anything but relativistic when it comes to principles. What are these principles? Why are they reffered to in such absolutist claim?

There is an element here that I’ve overlooked. One that is on a dimension I’ve not looked at closely enough. I need more thought on the subject.

Time to go to talk with Darryl to see about this job. He said over the phone that it was DJ three nights a week and helping him manage. If it is the same money that I am making now ($300 a week net) with 50 hours work (which doesn’t give me as much time as I’d like to find another job) then I’ll take it. The only problem is transportation. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I cannot wait until opening of the new library.


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