Right on! Ash rocks! Hail to the Chief Baby!

Now speaking of Ash and B movie monsters. I’ve been having dreams lately, well, maybe two or three times recently, where I am in the countryside (I think back home in Arkansas or Mississippi) and it is taken over by zombies. Yep, lots of zombies eating flesh going on in the movie and I remember thinking in the dream as I considered being eaten alive by zombies how much it would hurt like hell. I don’t remember much from this morning’s dream, save that in one instance I was nearly caught and had to run (had no weapons) and I was thinking how much it would hurt to feel teeth all over my body biting into muscle and bone. Ouch. When I woke up (well rested and feeling good, for I was never totally engrossed in the B-nightmare as it was enjoyable) I remember that I’ve had the dream (or episode in a series) a couple times before. It seems to me like the plot of my dream is that nearly everyone is gone, zombies are everywhere, and only myself and a few people are left and we are fighting the zombies, ala Night of the Living Dead.

But now that I think about it, isn’t there one thing wrong in zombie movies? I mean given that we can accept for a moment that they exists and run around a small town spreading horror. There are chilling scenes where a person is ovecome by a wave of zombies as they start munching on him. The scene in Resident Evil where the elevator opens and the zombies grab the guy and pull him in is very nifty. Yet in a lot of these zombie movies you see the one human minor character eaten by zombies now a zombie himself with only zombiefied flesh. Where the hell are all the missing mouthfuls of food from his body? Why don’t we come across remains of humans on the street, piles of bone and clothing and gore where it looks like something ate a pork dinner in a haste? Nothing left to turn into a zombie here. I’d like to see an intelligent zombie movie.


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