Lingo Coffeehouse

I stopped into Lingo Coffeehouse yesterday on the way home from the gym. The selection of books is not very large, I probably have the same amount of books (or more actually) at home. Yet the quality of the average book was what one would hope for in a coffee house. The average book was a intelligent. I bought Dicken’s Great Expectations for $3.25.

On a bulletin board near the door was a flier for the Cognitive Liberty Association, or some sort of name like that. Below it was a flier for the William James Project. With references to cognition and the great American philosopher/psychologist William James I was immediately intrigued. Yet after reading the fliers (both produced by the same organization) I was very skeptical. There appeared to be no science or interest of science in the fliers, but instead a political agenda. I told the barrista/owner that I’d like to debate the person who put the fliers up.

The atmosphere of the coffeehouse is lacking greatly. The music (David Bowie “Lets Dance”) and the seating and lighting had one feeling like one was sitting in the middle of your mom’s kitchen, while she is cooking dinner around you. Not condusive for sitting and reading and writing. Really it is more like a tiny bookstore that serves coffee on the side. It would be nice for him to get the atmosphere aspect fixed.

A good night at work tonight. Good energy in the room. I made some small modifications to the back room and the cooler. I also made up four pages of floor plans and notes on possible changes to the club. Next week will be a busy week for me. Six nights straight of closing the club. On a plus side, I tweaked my walking route home and I have it down to 50 minutes walking distance.


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