One of my girls was pretty depressed Jan 1st. I found out that she had bought a $200 evening gown and that her boyfriend had stood her up for a few hours and then basically dumped her after midnight. It was a rotten story and she was sad. I told her that in a few days (Jan 5th), which was a sunday and we were closed, that she should put on her dress, not wear any eye makeup, and go by herself to the opera La Boheme. I told her that this would be a good aching crying cleaning of the wound for her.

Tonight she told me that she did indeed go to the opera and that yes… she did cry her eyes out. The other dancers looked at the two of us excitedly talking about the parts that made us both cry. Ha! She said that she loved it. But she also told me that one lady said to her “I know why you’re here… I can see it in your eyes” and that another person, a 30 year old, handsome, hunk of a man came to her and asked if she was okay, told her that she was beautiful. When she warned him not to bother with her because she was a stripper he said “so” and asked her out on a date. I jumped up and down yelling, DID YOU GO OUT WITH HIM? She looked at me and smiled in a way that said no, though I could tell that she was excited to have been asked by the good looking guy. I yelled at her again DID YOU AT LEAST GET HIS NUMBER? TELL ME YOU DID OR I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS. She smiled and said that she did get his number. I gave her a hug. I was so happy for her.

I feel good.


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