I lost my temper tonight

last night at work I kept my cool and even joked around a bit. Everything was going on and it was no problem. I didn’t even write about all the drama that dealt with between my girls. Yet tonight was different and I’m reaching to figure out why and what I can do to change it.

I was doing double duty, DJ/Manager tonight. At one point I was cooking a steak and a hamburger on the grill, doing DJ duties, keeping an eye on the door (I was actually doing a triple duty, manager/dj/door) and when the next girl on stage doesn’t pick out music I’ll usually pick a CD out of her case and play some music. However, during the time that I was doing all of this, the girls would come up with 15 seconds left in the former girl’s last song, and expect to put in a CD. This totally messes things up because the girls that were doing this were moving as if they had a lead weight in their ass. I was busting my hump to be everywhere and keep the energy of the room up, and they are screwing around. But not to top this off, one girl with whom I may have to start cutting back shifts from, picked some music that utterly sucked. I’ve been cultivating the few people we did have who were all likely to drive beat up trucks with tool boxes in it and more likely to wear steel toe boots than own any cologne, and she plays some utterly crappy, dead, only a beat and a person talking (not much for chords or harmonies) hip hop. I was not a happy camper. And when she gets off the next song is John Lennon’s “Imagine”. A favorite song of mine, but after the last set instead of having a good effect it just finished killing the room. Because the girls were screwing around in the DJ booth (I’m not even going into some of the crap) I overcooked a steak a little bit. I was then approached by one of the girls who was very mad and said that she wrote something on the mirror and that I should go look at it. So after two abyssmal sets, an overcooked steak, bullshit in the DJ booth, and crap from dancers, all within 12 minutes, I went storming into the dressing room, saw the note to the “bitches who steal” on the mirror, and let them have a peek of Sgt Black, USMC. It wasn’t pretty, instant battle ground. Two girls in tears, three yelling, one big frickin mess. I managed to gather my wits, apologize for my tone, but was warning them that they had better straighten their shit up or I would pick every song of the night, nobody would step 20 feet within the DJ booth, and that my making of the schedule would reflect their timeliness on the stage.

However, as an ass chewing on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it a 3. I get most of my effects by the calm, silent, type, not losing my cool. But I lost it tonight. Three things I have to work on, 1) get the music in line so that it is more inline to our target clientelle (on average, I’m not against adding some variety), 2) continue the weeding process of staff (this is an unpleasant aspect of the job, but one that falls onto my plate never the less), and 3) get the girls to have fun, relax, and have a fun environment. 90% of the time I am a great guy to be working for, I am fun and try to get people to have fun. But I have my buttons and when they are pressed, look out. Fortunately I’ve managed to disconnect a lot of the buttons, but some still work.

I must work on my patience, beahavior, and communication skills.

One more note though, it cracks me up that girls are so adamant that they MUST have a specific song. It is true that some (very few) of the girls I’ve worked with do some special moves during a song. However 99.9999% of the time the moves are ALL the same. I can watch a girl, find her three or four moves and idosyncricies and can act these out in the dressing room (the way the move around the pole, their side step, their leg move, whatever) and everyone knows exactly who I am talking about. I am utterly convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you were to videotape a girl dancing on stage, but with no sound and the stage lights a random or constant patter, that if you played the tape back on a t.v. that you’d not get a consensus on whether the song was fast or slow. Yes, a few girls will do something to the music, perhaps an opening move or one special move in the song, but that is one move out of all of them, and only a few girls do this. When the girls tell me that they can’t dance to other music that they don’t know, this is complete baloney. 1), I overhear them all the time recommend songs to each other. One will say “I want something fast but with a groove” and another will say “get the mix 4 CD and play track 9”. To which the first girl says “is it good? What is it?” to which the latter girl says “it is a ……… band, and the song rocks” to which the first girl says “I’ve never heard of that band before” but never the less she dances to the music. Also, with Divas’ venture into Hot Body International I had the opportunity to see how they film their DVDs and I’ve viewed several of them. They will put a girl near a pool, a fireplace, a bed, a couch, whatever and let her play some music. They warn them over and over and over NOT to sing the words because the music that goes on the video tape is totally different. When I watch the DVD, lo and behold the music is nothing like what the girl was playing, not even the same genre and most of the time not even the same beat! Yet can you tell that the girl is moving to a different drummer on the DVD? Hell no!

Okay, so I’m still a bit irked about this music thing. The hammer is coming.


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