letter to my sister


Back in the middle of December I got a call from a guy who owns a construction company in southern Oregon. He had bought a strip club in Eugene four months ago and his manager left for California. I had worked with the owner before when he did the construction at the club I used to work at. He remembered me and he called to offer me the job, saying that he felt he could trust me and that I was a good guy. So I have the job.

Since then I’ve been working as club manager and DJ, three nights one week and six nights the next week, alternating. I am entering my four day off stretch after a long week. The girls knew me from either reputation or working with me before at the other club and they love me. I try to bring integrity into a job that nobody believes has any. The stereotype and assumption by all is that a manager of a strip club tries to have sex with the girls, does drugs, and is a sleazy guy. This may be true for past co-managers and the last one at the club, but it is not true of me.

It looks as though I may be flying home Feb 22nd and staying for just under a week. I have no desire to go or see anything/one except Dad, grandparents, and you and the boys. If there are any friends of mine in Grenada that would like to see me, they should be forewarned because I am not going to spend time away from family that I’ve not seen in nearly five years looking for them. Sounds harsh, but it is true.

One more thing. I want to tell you this but I am keeping it a secret from Dad for now, at least until my orders come in. Over the past two months I’ve been trying to get back into the Marine Reserves. There is a demolition/engineering unit here in town. I could give a damn about Saddam, or Iraq, or Bush and Cheney. The massing of troops is in my most sincere belief nothing to do at all with freedom or protecting the American public. However, what is important to me is that my fellow Marines are gearing up for a war and if such occurs it is against my nature to let them stand alone. Once a marine, always a marine. However, my paperwork has yet to go through and it remains to be seen if I am able to rejoin. I am awaiting word from Headquarters Marine Corps right now. I know that it is unfair asking you to keep this a secret from Dad. The only reason I desire such is that I do not want to add one more worry onto his daily plate. He worries too much about me as it is, he should know that I am very very happy here. Eugene and Oregon are perfect for me, the sort of place that I can live and hopefully, someday, raise a family.

It has been a while since I wrote and I wanted to do so. I am sorry for missing yours and Gaige’s birthday. If birthday presents and greetings are an indication of love, then I am a failure. Yet if daily thoughts and wishes are an indicator, then one couldn’t ask for more. I think of the boys often and I miss them terribly. It is the one regret thus far that I have, that they do not know who I am, nor I know them.

It is late and I am tired. Take care of yourself, give John my greetings, for I do think the world of him. He is a fine example of an honorable man. And tell my nephews that I love them.

Your brother

Eddie “Shannon”


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