We Were Soldiers

Over the past few months I’ve met soldier and marines, and many have told me to see We Were Soldiers. They offer no explanation, no description of scenes, nothing but a look, a solid and as true as a man’s handshake. Tonight I rented the DVD and watched the movie. Gut wrenching, heart breaking. I continue to weep as I try to write this now.

At the end of it all, there is no ideaology, no grand virtue, only the love and sacrifice of your brother beside you. Right now, fellow marines, airmen, sailers, and soldiers are massing once again near Iraq. For most there is no real reason why, no real interest in politics or global trade, nor gas prices. They go because they are ordered and they will fight for each other.

My brothers in Eugene, the marine reserve unit based here, is readying themselves for deployment. The scuttlebut is that the order is coming down soon. And daily I ask myself the question, what is taking my orders from Headquarters Marine Corps so long in returning me to the side of my comrades? I don’t believe Bush’s talk about Saddam. I don’t believe the excuse of our going over to Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. I don’t by any of that. But my brothers are readying for a fight. Right or wrong, the American people should decide more carefully the leaders they instill in office and the virtues we hold highly as a country. But all that is above the marine and his rifle and the man next to him. If war erupts, as great as my wishes are against such a thing, as much as I have to look forward here in my home, with my plans for college, of love, of possibly a family someday should I meet the right girl, of seeing my nephews, I want to stand with my brothers as they do what they are called to do. Because they feel the very same things that I do. They would rather watch football on t.v., play catch in the backyard with their kids, and go to the movies. But now they are in harm’s way, and I desire to stand with them.

There is a saying, “once a marine, always a marine“.

Semper Fi


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