From: Eddie Sent: 1/13/2003 7:40 AM
Been a couple weeks since my last visit. I’ve been tackling managerial duties in a club I just got hired on at. I come back online and visit, note the newly named message board is “The Agora” and I like it. And I also note that the messages for this thread are about to break 1000. And I jump in here, give a quick look, and I am disappointed in what I read. Am I to believe that a person’s point is made more valid by name calling, bold-typed letters, or the like?

(quoted from someone else’s post) Maybe their assholes who deliberately lie and try to disrupt “real” philosophy. How pathetic, eh?

This is philosophy? This is rational minds coming together and discussing ideas? Thomas Jefferson once said that what was great about America was that if we find that our system of government was flawed, that we could sit down and with cool heads of philosophers devise another one.

Cool heads? The “real philosophers” here have done nothing to promote this stereotype. In fact the absolute adherence to various dogmas (do not doubt that a dogma can appear in the guise of a thinking man’s ideal) and the violent attack toward those opposing them remind me of religious warfare.

Yes, I am an existentialist. Yes I have been under fire and in the fox hole. Yes I’ve been in danger, having been a firefighter in Houston. Yes I’ve seen death many times, have been on the floor in the ER when the heart monitor goes flatline. I’ve been dirt poor and looking for a place to pitch my homeless tent, I’ve driven my car across town to read a $50 book and buy a cup of $5 coffee. I’ve been shot at, have chased muggers down the street in the middle of the night, have pinned drunks against the wall, have intervened against battering husbands/boyfriends/fathers. I’ve held new life in my hands and have worked to estinquish the lives of others. I’ve been arrested five times, have done stupid things, and have sacrificed my livelihood for an ideal. I do not call myself an existentialist because I like the club. I do so because as I’ve lived my life thus far I’ve always asked myself the supposed “big questions” that supposedly real philosophers think about. You wont find too many philosophers from Arkansas who have a clue who Socrates was, but if you can put down your bloated views and listen to the 80 year old farmer at the county market you might learn a thing or two. No, I call myself an existentialist because of the so-called real philosophers that I’ve read thus far, theirs is the voice closest to mine own as I make my way through this life.

I apologize for the emotional tone of this letter, but some of the conduct has become quite disgraceful.


From: REDNECKCA Sent: 1/13/2003 8:10 AM
Eddie – don’t apologize for an emotional, well written, well expressed viewpoint. Emotion is what drives us and the rational mind scurries around trying to find a way to justify what our emotions tell us.

You are not the only Ex_____t here. That comes closest for me but I try to not use the word because that tends to classsify me and then all types of stereotypical images are projected on me, and the discussion devolves into ‘fencing quotes’.

Time spent in a coffeehouse reading is always worthwhile.


From: Lady Tex Sent: 1/13/2003 8:15 AM
Eddie – RedN is right – don’t apologize !

An 80 year farmer does indeed have philosophy to give to those who will listen !

I admire your passion !


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