The sun rose an hour ago. I didn’t leave the club until 6:00 am. I had stayed an hour after closing and talked with a co-worker, she was a good ear for me and I was allowed to vent a little to her. Then I made up the work schedule for the next week. I am going to axe some girls soon.

Tonight I got two bad thoughts toward a girl. She is a dancer who is going through bartending classes and she’s expressed interest in bartending for us. Since a bartender is leaving us shortly and we’ve got a spot, she’s been given a night for us to see how she does. She is nice for the most part, but tonight I am bothered.

First, she got very stoned tonight and I had to get onto her for something. However what angered me is that I was trying to talk to her and her stoned, drunk self was grinning and laughing. Okay, fine, I’ll take this only so much… time for the Marines. So I gave it to her good. She still didn’t get it. Two of her excuses was she was PMS’ing. I’m sorry, this is NOT an excuse, and since I don’t smoke pot then I don’t understand that she isn’t as far out in left field as I think, and I don’t understand how a couple hits a day can help ease things a bit. The second thing that bothered me is that I found out she went behind the bar tonight (while working as a dancer, while being stoned, and while being drunk) and that she told the bartender that “it’s okay, she’s going to be a bartender next week. Not only was this illegal on several layers, but it also showed a presumptive attitude which sends red flags and warning signals. I am going to do what I can to train her, to give her a fair shake, but if she makes it past a month before I fire her I will be surprised.


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