Superbowl Sunday

All week I’ve been calling out over the mic at the club that the Buccanneers would beat the Raiders. Why? #1, I love defense. I can play my video game football, season after season, drafting new players, and so on… and I can live with the 3rd best offense, or the 5th best rushers… but if I don’t have the #1 defense I get antsy. I blitz, I like zone coverage, I like to put a goal line defense out on the middle of the field and bring them all onto the quarterback, and other weird things. Plus I am a Bears fan and a Bears fan loves defense and pounding the football (running game with clock management), and more than once this week I’ve gotten into a conversation with someone at the club (another Bears fan) about the mighty Mike Singleterry, my favorite player. #2 reason is that there is a proliferation of Raiders fans everywhere I look, and to those who are like my boss, people who was raised in the bay area and have cheered for Oakland, that is one thing. But to suddenly profess that you’ve always been a Raiders fan… bah!

I’ve got a $10 bet on the game. I never bet on things and whenever I give my opinion about something the other person will try to get me to bet on it and I always decline. They usually take this that I am scared or something and they debate my position’s validity because according to them if I was serious then I would bet. But for some reason on this one a cabbie asked why not place a bet on the game and I did so unhesitantly. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it was to add to the expected dizzied pleasure of the coming Superbowl, to make each play more interesting.

Hmm. Well I’ve done good on my workouts and I purposefully missed Saturday’s cardio workout. I had started to get a cold Thursday but didn’t let it keep me from my workout Friday and Sat I decided that more benefitial to me would be some rest (I got a good 10 hours) and later that day the cold was gone. Woo hoo! I also stayed on my diet.

Ugh… it showed when Sunday came. I went to the store and bought an ice cream bar, a bag of chips and some salsa con queso, and at home I ordered a meat lover’s stuffed crust pizza and had two beers in the fridge. I didn’t finish the bag of chips, and two hours later when the pizza arrived I only ate half of it and finished half of the beer. I felt horrible. A week of workout, of good energy, of plenty of fluids and clean burning fuel, and then this onslaught of grease and crap food… I wasn’t nauseated, but I felt… “clogged” in my skin… like oil and grease from the food was seeping from my stomach and through my skin into my clothes and onto the chair. This is a gross depiction to be sure, but it only highlights the much cleaner feeling that I’ve had this past week. I was somewhat surprised at a bit of flatness appearing in my abdomen when I glanced in the mirror while shaving Friday afternoon. Judging from how I feel right now, it shouldn’t be hard to keep myself on my “diet” (like having steak and potatos, chicken and broccoli and rice, salmon and fruit is a “diet”) all week.

I bartended last night. My bartender had pulled her back the night before and I told her to take whatever time she needed. She is my star player, the strongest staff we’ve got, a real hard charger, and we’ve let her set her own schedule. She asked for a week off for spring break and I said no problem, that she gets what she wants. Even after being told by myself and the owner, she still writes a nice note asking politely for the time off. So I worked the bar and one guy, dressed in leather and who plays in three local bands, said “damn, you’re all over the place! You’re on top of everything” as he proceeded to tip me $6 for a $4 beer. I said, I should be, I’ve been doing this for seven years… but I am terribly “rusty” for being a manager the past year and a half and not a bartender. He said that he had never gotten service like this in the place. I like this compliment in that I am good, but I don’t like it in that any coach wants to see their players better than they are.

There is a bulletin board in the dancer’s dressing room. Someone has written on the board “Eddie’s Board of Postive Motivation”. I’ve written a couple of notes on pieces of paper and have posted them in the back. Well, step one is done… I’ve gotten them to listen to me. Now I’ve got to reinforce my credibility. This means that I treat people fairly, treat them with integrity, speak from the heart and be fair and soft, and to not let personal feelings interfere. I gave the word that for my birthday Friday night that I did not want anything from the girls (no stage dance). One of the girls gave me a book of classic pin-ups. It is really nice and I appreciate it, but I am a bit uncomfortable with the gift on a professional level. The person who gave me the gift is someone whom I must schedule, having only limited shifts.

I just finished reading the book The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore. Wonderful! Salvatore is currently my favorite author. Anne Rice still holds the title of most influential in my life, but these days I get more excited about the release of an R.A. Salvatore book than an Anne Rice book. Speaking of which there is a new one out now, Drizzt and the 100 Orcs or the 1000 Orc Army or something… I can’t remember. I’ve got several more Drizzt books to read before I get to the time frame where the new one is set in. I never did finish Salvatore’s book on Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones. It isn’t Salvatore material. What makes Salavatore wonderful is that he effortlessly weaves grand pictures into small detail, and minor events together, and all with great timing. Reading one of his books one can briefly travel down a couple of different ethical paths of thoughts, all amidst the background of heroic adventure. The Star Wars book he did was based on the movie and it robbed him of his ability to set a seamless pace in the story. The episodes 1 and 2 of the Star Wars movie are, I believe, not flowing enough. They are too choppy for my likes, too many one liners and many of the scenes have the feeling that first and end portions of the scenes were cut out and all we get to view is the middle. Salvatore tries to remedy this in the book, but the leash that Lucas has set is too tight and the book isn’t enjoyable.

Now it is Sunday night and I am going to plan my next week’s eating schedule and shopping list, as well as my roles and goals according to the Covey system.


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