Thursday and I had to go prepare the money for the bar. I’ve only got an hour or so before I’ve got to turn around and go back to work. I stopped by the bank and deposited money into my accounts, continuing my habit of putting 25% of what I’ve got into the savings account. Even though I’m still catching up on bills, if I never start saving now… I’ll never start. College and the Mustang are two of my goals.

Russian Bergemont tea sits on my desk. My mind is ready to explode, I am near giddy with delight. This is an almost climatic moment. Yes, that is a good descriptor… climax. Before achieving climax in sex there is the building of the senses of pleasure. It is much more enjoyable (at least to me) to try and stay in that optimal zone instead of just trying to get to the climax. Just because the defensive line is weak doesn’t mean that you should just go and charge for the end zone. Play around with some traps, draws, sweeps, and inside zone runs. Have fun. Well… for the past couple of weeks I’ve left my book sitting idly… the book that I began to work on in November. I came to a large battle and the “good guys” were on the verge of being routed pretty badly. But I stopped in the heat of the fighting. I’ve went to various books, philosophy, history, fairy tales, fitness, shakespeare, etc… bringing in all the diversity that I could. I do not want to write a story that is like a game of white versus black, the good guys versus bad guys, the heroe and the villain. I wanted there to be elements where one person would say “now that character is one of the ‘good guys'” to which another person would argue “no way, that person is a bad guy”.

A coupe days ago I bought a beat up copy of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting source book for Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, I still want to try and play the game (it is very fun to play, more fun than watching “American Idol” on the t.v. and better for the brain as well), but I bought the book because I wanted information for my book. I am going to transplant the story thus far (only about 20,000 words or so) into the Forgotten Realms. There are lots of books set in this world, it is a high selling niche of the fantasy book market. If I am going to dream of being published, then I’m going to dream good. I see no reason why I cannot offer another weave in the large group of tales set in the Forgotten Realms world.

I’ve been doing some reading of the book and studying the map. I am leaning toward Calimshan because of the events that I’ve already set into motion, the topography I’ve described in my story thus far, and importantly the politics involved. The fact that it is part of the “land of intrique” adds to it as well. I’ve done numerous keyword searches for Calimshan, Forest of Mir, Marching Mountains, on the web and have found very little. As to the history of Calimshan I’ve found no more than a page. The next source I’ve got to check out are some FR books, all of them, to see what has been written and if Calimshan has been addressed. I know that Calimsport has (a city in Calimshan) but it isn’t given the detail of other cities that I’ve read of.

I’ve got two principle characters so far, maybe four or five, but definitely two… the corporal of the guard who is probably going to turn into a paladin and the druid who is out in the forest trying to solve a mystery that I’ve yet to fully create in my mind. While reading the source book I got a wickedly good idea… the genasi, and more specifically, a fire genasi. Take the fire genasi and make him a cleric, make that cleric in the service of Kossuth, a fire elemental being with a “purity of fire” ethos, put that order in a keep in the mountains bordering Calimshan and the lake of steam, add the very ancient history of Calimshan with the battles of the efreeti and djinni, and add the two clerical domains of fire and renewal to the character… and now I’ve got a major thread/factor to the book. I can see all sorts of interweavings beginning to pop into my mind which will give more depth to what I’ve already started. Add to this that I also had in mind something about a black dragon, but more insiduous, and that I’ve come across info on the “cult of the dragon”, and part of the mystery the druid is working on comes into focus. Add these two dynamics, the heritage of the Knights of the Purple Dragon (which I can’t resist) along with the myth of the purple dragon, and I’ve got a lot of stuff that I can put together into quite a book…

… that is if I can hone my sills enough to pull it off. I’ve never attempted such a feat before. But as I add ideas and depth to my mind, it is filling up and is near climax… oh I wish I had tonight off so that I might write and write and write…

I picked up a used book today, Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. I don’t know if I’ll get to it or not anytime soon, but it was a good price. I am 1/3 of the way through Starless Night, having finished The Legacy in one day.


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