It has been sunny, without any clouds, for a week now. Early this morning, prior to dawn, some light clouds started to roll in. Today is the softest of greys, the edges are taken off of the world, occaisionally some light rain will fall… enough to bring out the scent of plants, but not enough to seek cover.

I went into the club today to prepare the money for the day and to count last night’s money. Back at the bus stop I realized that I had some time. So I walked across the street to a pawn shop and browsed the CDs. They have a “buy 10 CDs for $25” deal. I couldn’t resist.

Metallica : Ride the Lightning
Metallica: Load
Forest Gump Soundtrack (2 CDs)
Adam Sandler : Stan and Judy’s Kid
Deee-Lite : World Clique
The Commitments Soundtrack
Rock of the 80’s vol 5
Rock of the 80’s vol 9
Journey : Greatest Hits

Woo Hoo!

In other news. Two girls that had worked for me had pulled up their stakes here and Oregon and were headed out across the country. Their plan was to move south to L.A. then East to the East Coast, work in some clubs along the way, see the country, and have fun. A purse has been found on the highway in New Mexico, the drivers license of one of them inside, and that is about all the clear details we have. Nobody has heard word from them. The girls are both very capable and very flaky. They can knuckle down and do what needs to be done, and turn around and be irresponsible. I would not be surprised to find out that they decided to fly to Russia instead. Yet, the girls in the club being their normal selves, every rumor is feeding upon every other rumor. Of course there is the concern that something might have happened to my two girls, but I also see the very real spinning rumors going on. So I am having to act calm, concerned, but ending unfounded rumors as soon as I see them, to try to keep things under control (and keep hysterics at bay).

On a slim positive, I have a very good friend in Houston who owns a rock climbing company. I’ve told the two girls about him and told them to look him up when they get to Houston. I’ve sent an email to him, telling him that should they reach him for them to call Oregon ASAP.


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