onward christian pepsi cans

should we boycott money too? it is clearly stated “in God we trust!” I’ll be more than happy to take the money from those of you unwilling to handle a bill b/c it has God written on it! that is the foundation of our country- religious freedom. several men have died so we may have the right to believe as we choose. however, i must say boycotting a company b/c they are trying to stay neutral will not solve the problem. it is the people who are making such a big deal about printing God on products- those are the ones who should be scolded. Pepsi was trying to stay neutral & not offend someone of group- i’m sure you would find many christians working for Pepsi. they probably had DAYS of delimas tryimg to find a solution. they are trying to promote patriotism & for that- i think we should all be proud.


Hello Kristin

1). I never said to boycott Pepsi at all, and I even said that should they want to print bible verses on their can, they are allowed to because of the freedoms of our country.

2). Our country is founded on many ideas, among them are ideas of Christian morality, age of enlightenment, rationalism, scientific theory, and the knowledge of political history. To say that we are a country based on Christianity is flatly and utterly wrong. Recognizing the diversity of beliefs in the hearts of man and the role which government should play, the Constitution sought to create super ordinate freedoms for citizens to their own beliefs without the hindrance or aid of the government.

3.) Religious freedom is an important aspect of our country’s founding, yet is is not as major as one would think. The more important issues discussed were the separation of powers between states and federal. This may sound like a minor thought to you, yet the working out of these concerns are of such immense importance that it is incredible to see the extent by which people today forget this.

4). The people who are making a big deal about printing God on products are those followers of God who will take away the freedoms of belief in others, and in making everyone believe as they do. Notice again number 1… I never said not to print God on the Pepsi can. Also note, that this is an urban legend and is not real at all. Pepsi is not printing such a can as is being discussed. If they were to print a can, with the words God or not on the can, would not cause a fluster for me. I do not care. Again, it is their right to print what they wish on the can.

5). “They are trying to promote patriotism”. Interesting thought here, for I am as patriotic as the next guy. Few people would have walked down the streets of their city on Flag Day waving a U.S. Flag BEFORE Sept 11, as I did. However, Patriotism, as strong as it is in my heart, is the most misunderstood and abused term on today’s political landscape. It is the catch-all word for a diverse array of actions and beliefs, most of which have nothing to do with patriotism. Please define what patriotism is and give one example of a good act of patriotism, as well as an example of when patriotism goes wrong.

I realize that I might be asking much on the last point. Patriotism might be said to be a “love of country”. Is it then possible then for people in “evil countries” to have patriotism? Many people today make the uncalculated guess that Iraq is an evil country. Yet its citizens are seen on the streets, showing signs of patriotism, shouting slogans and waving banners. So again, is patriotism something that only good people can have for good countries? Or is it a much broader term, applied to the despotic as well as the land of liberty?

My country tis of thee, sweet land of Liberty, of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim’s pride, form every mountainside let freedom ring.

What is freedom? What is Liberty? These are the ideas that I am a patriot for. These are some of the ideas of which our country was founded on. These are the ideas of which I am loyal to. Should our government abuse these freedoms, it is in our rights to change our government. Yes… it is in our rights as Americans to disband completely the government we have and to create a new one. The founding fathers did in in revolution, then created the Articles of Confederation, and when those were failing, they trashed the articles and created a second attempt… the Constitution. The notion of remaining loyal to the higher principles and ideas in the Constitution instead of to the government itself is evident throughout the writings and expressions of our founding fathers. Their patriotism was of a very different breed than that shallow sort which runs rampant in the malls today, enticing people to wear socks with the U.S. Flag on it and considering themselves patriots, all while they are not able to name one representative elected from their area to Congress, nor by any real and substantial investigation into the candidates during a presidential election. This is patriotism? If this is the extent to which patriotism runs in our country, then my country is dead and I weep for her demise.

There is one thing that we as American’s should be proud of, and that is our sacred belief in Liberty. Any infringement upon that Liberty is at a cost too great to pay, but which people are willing to pay out regularly due to ignorance and fear.


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