Perugino Coffee House

From the Sierra Club Magazine

“I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.”
~ Willa Cather

Some good images to remember…
a few days ago, seen on a bus. One of the students (she was around the neighborhood of 15 yrs old) of a local military academy, wearing the olive drab military style uniform… holding a stuffed bunny rabbit under her arm. (don’t forget in your zeal for training and instilling discipline that these are still kids).

Today… walking down the street, a tall man holding a full bag of groceries. Atop his shoulders was a 3 year-old boy, legs hanging over the man’s chest, one hand on the man’s ear, while he munched on an apple without a care in the world. (no fear of falling while on the shoulder’s of the man. The man seemed to have patience with the kid dripping apple on him and tugging his ear.)

Note to self… I have an interest in Malcolm X, his life and ideas. What changes this man went through and what I (we) might learn from him.

Struggle is struggle… whether classism, racism, sexism… the oppressed are marginalized by the oppressor. Learning how people of character, of strength, with resolve and love rise over such… this is as important, no… more important, than learning about the modes of oppression (racism) for as long as man can describe and define, he will divide, and continue still will oppression.

p. 83 of Socrates Cafe.

“Freud means that there’s not just one irreducible explanation that points to why we are the way we are. INstead, there’s numerous explanations, many of which may conflict with one another, but all of which shed light on our selves. It doesn’t mean that every explanation is legitimate, but it does mean that we have to try to understand ourselves from all kinds of standpoints.”

Very well put.

“Every thought is a prison… Therefore we love the poet, the inventor, who in any form, whether in an ode, or in an action, or in looks and behavior, has yielded us a new thought. He unlocks our chains and admits us to a new scene.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I paused en route to the bank with my deposit to purchase a necklace I had spied earlier and had wanted. It is a simple necklace with an image of Kokopelli on it… a reminder for me to play my song in life.

I have been bothered by the things I need to do, the limiting of work and outright firing of some people. The fact that this will cause hardship on them, even those who are entirely wrong for employment for us and are like a cancer to the well being of the social order (as they are like a cancer). I do not wish to be the cause of harm in their lives. And so I’ve been burdened with this responsbility.

But what is responsibility? Am I to be responsible for the lives of others? An influence, I do have… yet for their conduct and behavior which damages the club I am not. I have given the Zen story of the peasant trying to gain entry to a monastery, only to be turned aside when he helped another carry his burden of sticks. The moral was that you cannot carry the burden’s of others upon your shoulders.

I’ve read a couple pages of the introduction to Listening to the Land. My awareness immediately broadened beyond my small social circle… seeing myself as a part of a larger whole. This change in perspective has enlivened a huge change in my feelings concerning what I must do at work. Yet it still will not be easy.

I confided with the lady at the shop (Shamballa Sun) filled with yoga, buddhist, and other spiritual materials, of what my job is. I did so with a feeling of apology. I have issues with my job and what it perpetuates… I knew this coming into the job. But perhaps I can help to counter some of these forces at work, instilling some amount of good… however small.


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