I get ideas…

Sunday night, I am home from the coffee house and I’m having a time. I am thinking of changing my website and I’m browsing photos. But what is really neat is that I’ve made a batch of fetucinni, tossed some garlic cheese alfredo on it, and am enjoying the last glass of a cabernet merlot. It is with sadness that I only had one glass left in the bottle, but I am savoring the glass all the more. LouisArmstrong plays on my CD player and I am getting ideas…

Fetucinni… my favorite dish and the alfredo is sensual… creamy… along with the warmth of the wine… how can someone eat a dish such as this and NOT be in the mood to make love? I do not know, but this dish, this wine, this sort of music is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. Regretfully, there is no-one with whom I am able to share these warm feelings and physical yearnings with… so I talk to my Pandora, sitting on the floor, looking at me with her calm yellow eyes, and I enjoy the dish even more. But oh…. to enjoy this dish and then to share a thought with someone, exchanging thought for thought, between bites and tastes of wine, intermixed with caressing looks that linger a second longer… the warm sauce on the fettucini, the taste of the garlic, the curve of her breasts hinting its pleasures underneath a warm sweater, the fullness of lips and the taste of wine, lingering in the kiss. Let the voice of Byron mix with that of Socrates on a night such as this.


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