spring is coming, time to get a table.

Even though it is cold outside, I can feel spring coming. The daffodils are blooming, the dogwoods on Charnelton are blooming… Spring is near. And with Spring around the corner, so too is that day when I can leave my balcony door open, when I’ll take my morning coffee sitting out on my small balcony instead of inside. With thoughts of the balcony sittings to come, I can see in my mind a balcony that I want to create. It isn’t large, only 6′ x 4′, but it is big enough for what I have in mind.

On the wall, to my left, I want to run some tubing up. There I’ll hang a mask (of what I don’t know yet) and will let the water spill out of the mouth into a container next to the wall. In that container perhaps a goldfish or two. Whether an opaque pot or an aquarium, I don’t know… perhaps a pot, keeping a sense of mystery and more ornamental whereas an aquarium, unless done perfectly, would look like trash. Next to this, sitting a bit higher up and on a pedestal, would be a bonsai tree. Already above the top is a string light that I took from Divas, which gives me light, but not too much or too harsh. On the right, next to the corner, is to be a coffee table, like used in a cafe. I have enough room to sit between it and my sliding doors, and should another person ever join me for coffee, there is enough room to the left. It is strictly a two person spot The height will allow me to move it further over, jutting slightly over the edge of the railing. Hanging on said railing, behind me, a small shelf for a book or two. On the main post on the corner, some small plants, perhaps a vine or something. To the tree, it’s branches 6′ away, I can use a pole to hang a suet feeder against the limb.

A place to read my books and drink my coffee in the scented spring morning to come.


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