Don Quixote : Food Sanitation : Hot Body

I’m reading Don Quixote right now. I had bought the book in a bookstore about two weeks ago and I liked the minimalist, near abstract quality of the cover art. However, cruising around Barnes and Noble the other night I saw a Penquin Classics version of the book with this cover.

GREAT! I loved it… I almost bought the book just for the cover. The knight on horseback overlooking a wide expanse, raising his lance up in challenge… I want this picture for my wall.

Today is a gorgeous day, grey, rainy, quiet and calm. The sort of day where I can sit and think. Today has been laundry day, as well as going about town getting a bus pass, labels for food dating, OLCC interview for Key Person, and picking up stuff for the food sanitation reqs. Had a talk with a sanitation officer about some questions I had. She said that I was on the ball, gave me three business cards, and said “You’re probably going to be a business owner someday soon” as she gave them to me. What? Because I am asking questions and can spout out the temp reqs and storage dates for some classifications of food? I am ambivalent about the judgment from her. It might be fun to own a restaurant, club, or bar, with nice dining and musical acts… but a strip club? Speaking of musical acts… I’ve still got to find a band for March. But the kitchen has a lot that needs done and a big part of this is the cook, who is a major obstacle. It is not fun having to prod a stubborn 66 year old man into doing things. I’ve also had a talk with my bartender who is sometimes good, sometimes bad. We had a good heart to heart and I really feel that I’ve made some progress with her. I’ve given her a chance, told her that her trust was pretty low and she had to earn some, that I wanted her to succeed and I’d do anything to help her if she was willing to meet me half way, or supply her with rope if she was going to hang herself. I think that we’ve come to an understanding and I look forward to seeing her grow. Speaking of jobs, I am quite possibly going to try to find another job to fill in some part time hours. Even though I work 21 days out of 30, the two nights off I have I must still go in for the last hour to lock up, and on one day I go in early to do monies and come back that night… I am still not making the money that I need to make for school. I need to squirrel away $200 a month and it isn’t looking like I’ll make that goal this month, nor enough in the following months to compensate. So it is job searching I go. Woo hoo.

There are strip club industry magazines that cater to Portland, Salem, Eugene, and a few other cities. They are advertisements for the strip clubs, give some articles and gossip on the industry (most is gutter language trash reading) and reviews for porn videos and numbers for escort services. Well, add one more magazine to the mix. We have no intention of advertising in these magazines yet, after the name change and remod we will. But I mention this now because the new magazine the come out has a two page article on the Hot Body club (formerly Divas) and I read this with slack-jawed disbelief. The amount of bullshit printed in that article was enormous. To think that Phil and Brian were old friends, that the business is as haughty as they make it out to be, that the damned award that Divas won was worth more than a buck, that Phil is as respected in the industry as he says he is, that indeed everything in the article is as it is… is laughable. Oh well… I do not care.

I am listening to Classic Spirit, from the producers of Sacred Spirit… this CD is absolutely beautiful. It doesn’t sound that good on my little t.v. (I play cds through my XBOX), but I take this CD in to work before opening and play it while I count the money. With the club system it sound GORGEOUS.


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