philosophy : male strippers

I’ve yet to get my workout done for today… I had to go to work earlier this morning, now I am back and getting ready to go to the gym. While standing at the bus stop I recalled something I read last night and I thought of a wonderful little bumper sticker, one that says a couple of things at the same time, and devilishly intended to ruffle some feathers.

Jesus loves Marx.

This popped into my mind because of a quote I read last night.

“Some think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that is dissension which I have come to cast upon the world.”
~ Jesus of Nazareth

I’ve not read much philosophy lately, for a couple weeks. I’ve read other things mainly… other things and lots of sitting. My balcony affords me a quiet spot to sit and watch the sun rise/set or the fog roll in. Some black coffee and a good chair and I’m good to go. A couple of days ago, in this self-reflecting mirror, I came to the conclusion that too much philosophy is a damaging thing. Not because of the thoughts within the text, the avenues ventured. Oh no… I hardly doubt that too much philosophy is something that I, or anyone that I know, is in any danger of experiencing (certainly not the society/country I live in). No, the problem lies in the language used. The problem with philosophy is that it relies entirely upon critical thinking and largely upon deductive (and other forms) reasoning. The problem with this is that the greater portion of our thinking is outlined from the start by our perception. It cannot be overstated the great amount that our perceptions shape our logical (that supposedly trustful and error-proof mode) thoughts. Perception is an active process, not a passive one at all. Yet to read philosophers is to read people who, either did not know this aspect of cognition, or deny it with all the wind that they can bluster. Their language then is one of half-truths and declarations and “as is’s” (such as the style I am writing in currently). To be sure, a language like this probably has its place in logic and reasoning, but too much of this takes away from the open-ness of view, and open-ness is essential for being.

The more the critical reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes… Overvalued reason has this in common with political absolutism: under its domination the individual is pauperized.
~ Carl Jung

I’ve got a long long week coming up. The janitor that cleans the club is going to Reno for a week. I am also being left to my own wiles in the club for several weeks as the owner has commitments taking him elsewhere for a moment. So it appears that for a week my nights will end at about 4:00 am at work, an hour walk home, sleep by (hopefully) 6 am, up at 12 (resetting my alarm for this week) and hit the workouts.

I also might have word on a good deal for a used car… a really great deal. If this works out I’ll forego the mustang for now, as I do not realistically see myself getting one in the next 24 months (with college and a computer being paid for). 24 months is a long time to be taking the bus and walking back and forth withe the number of times I go into the club (six times a week average). Add to this more duties coming up, finding a band and such… I really need some transportation. Plus… summer is coming up and I WANT TO GO FLY FISHING AGAIN, AND CAMPING IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!!!! So I’m going to check on this car and see what comes up.

I am also going to try to go about starting up men’s night, or a night (sunday likley) when local guys can dance on the stage, and open the club up to women to be the patrons. That’s right… a night when men are on stage, dancing and stripping. I’m going to try to get this going soon, spread some word around, find some guys that want to dance. I’ve got to see what the laws for male strippers are, I think they have to remain covered, but I’m not sure.

I’ve dallied too long… time for the gym.


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