home-made mocha latte and kitty ear wax

Yesterday I en route home from the gym I stopped by the cat and bird clinic and scheduled an appointment for my little girl. I had thought she might be getting ear mites and besides, I’ve had her for almost four years now and have not had a checkup. She’s over due. The appointment was scheduled for today.

Joy. This is the week that I am doing the janitorial work after the closing of the club since our cleaning guy is off to Reno for a week. Last night I walked in my door at almost 6:00 am. Seven hours of sleep, hit the gym, hit the grocery store for food stock for the week (I put it off yesterday) and home in time to gulp down a bowl of cottage cheese and an apple. To the cottage cheese I added some home-made green apple jelly (just a spoonful) made from my grandma’s tree back home in Arkansas. It made the cottage cheese EXCELLENT… I actually enjoyed the hell out of the dish! But I couldn’t dally… I was due at the vet in five minutes.

Pandora wasn’t too keen on going… she was very scared and clung to me like velcro. She was poked and prodded and inspected on the table, and she found solace back in my lap between rounds of inspections. She didn’t have ear mites, but a yeast infection in the ears. She was in perfect health, a bit of a tartar build up on one side of her mouth, and the staff said over and over how pretty she was (yes she is… I’m a proud pappa). $95 for the distemper shot, the inspection, and looking at the stuff under the microscope. I’m not exactly rolling in the dough… but she’s worth that. I’ll cut the expense some place else this month.

Back home, make some lattes… added some fat free chocolate syrup to it…. thinking that my cappucinos are better than my lattes. A yoga class runs from 5:30 to 7 a couple blocks away. I was thinking of running over and checking it out… but I’m unsure if I want to. The day is grey and it literally BEGS me to sit on my balcony with a book in hand, reading, sipping my latte, listening to Miles Davis, and breathing. I know that when I go to the yoga class I’ll feel really out of place. A non-flexible meat-eating guy who will not take off his socks in a yoga class… this just begs for a laugh. I want take my socks off because I’m in another bout of athete’s foot. Try working 12 hour days, some of which in a bar, cleaning, and then an hour long walk home. It’s going to happen. But I know that I’ve been looking forward to this class for some time now… that I am wanting to ask questions about possibly getting info about an instructor for my girls, and so I am probably going to drag myself over there.

Earlier today while walking home from the grocery store, only four blocks or so, I was looking south at Spencer’s Butte on the south edge of town. Rising like a green dome, the mists and clouds of the day obscurred most of the butte. The greens of the pine, firs, and cedars made all the more lush and deep. The temperature in the high 50’s and quite pleasant (I needing nothing more than shorts, a shirt, and a sweatshirt) and the scent of the coming Spring teasingly faint on the air, yet fresh and sweet. I was so happy to simply be alive… just being.

I’ve taken note the lengthening days, how the sun is still out at hours when I expect it to be dark. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Already daffodils are blooming and dogwoods everywhere are blooming. Gorgeous! In 16 days I’ll be visiting family in Arkansas, provided I can find a way to get to Portland to catch my plane. It’ll be good to see them again.

But now I must go… as much as I am digging the bass line backing up Miles Davis’ trumpet… I am going to go check up on the yoga class.


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