Saturday Night

Went into work for a few hours to make the schedule for next week. Was given the night off by the boss. I was leaving at the same time that one of the girls was leaving. She opted to give me a ride and I said “hey, lets go see a movie”. A wild hair up my butt (I don’t know where I got this saying from… it means doing something at the spur of the moment). So we went to my place long enough for me to put the daily medicine into my cat’s ears, take a quick shower, and off we went. We ended up choosing “Chicago” because it was playing when we showed up. I LOVED the movie… it was GREAT!!!! I liked Richard Gere’s character, but I didn’t like the two women… I did not root for them in the movie at all, bitches that they were. However, Catherine Zeta Jones was very hot in the movie.

Now I’m off to bed.


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