movie night

Off to Hollywood Video for some DVD’s. I settled for mindless stuff tonight and got “Bill and Silent Bob” and “Last Man Standing“. I only got through half of Jay and Bob, not beacause I am being a movie snob, but because the DVD was damaged and began to freeze on me. So I’ll go complain and get it and another DVD for free. I really, really, really dug the ladies in those black outfits! “Last Man” was super cool. How could I not like a Bruce Willis flick where everybody gets shot? Especially since he is a bad-ass who turns soft and sorta rescues a girl?

Tonight, while walking home from Starbucks and then Hollywood Video, I whistled jazz lines, skipping octaves, throwing in phrasing, seeing what I could come up with. Then a thought hit me. Why not get a used trumpet and start playing? I mean I am no jazzist, I don’t know my scales, but I have a very good grounding in playing brass instruments and I’ve got a great ear. And as a teacher once told me, if you can whistle it you can play it. Well… I can whistle it. The thought of standing up in a jazz club after hours and playing a song seemed utterly irresistable to me. Not for any sort of paying gig mind you… simply for the love of doing it. So now my eyes are out for a trumpet at antique stores (I’ve found some used trombones but passed).

I added several new people to my friends list. I’ll see how long it goes before I pare it down again.

Ten more days before I’m home in Arkansas to see my family.


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