Reading about the 21,000 pound bomb developed by the Pentagon I am wondering just how far we are going to go. Are the guys in the trenches patriots, when a single bomb can wipe out a battallion? They are more so and less so. Hmmm…. give us all swords and let armies hack and slash their way. Let the gruesome nature of war prevail, as a hindrance and a lust within, instead of the ease of which many people are killed with the push of a button. But come to think of it… idiots and madmen commanded armies before, sent sword weidling armies to fight, and the horrible nature of the battles didn’t prevent many from occuring during history.

In the arms race of evolution, the predator develops more weapons, the prey more wiles. Our fangs grow every day, but does our wisdom? Freedom of speech, books… a good education (instead of merely teaching job skills to future workers) are needed.


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