kissing along the neck

Piano plays over the CD player. I close my eyes. Slowly, softly, down her neck, pausing at the collar bone, brushing my lips across the area where her chest and her neck join. I can feel her lungs fill with air as she breaths in, my forehead resting against her cheek, my nose moving along her chin toward her ears, resting in the cradle between her neck and jaw, feeling her breath along the side of my face. My lips are now just above her shoulder line, near the center of her neck. A light kiss, another, a brushing of the lips… moving outward and down the line from her ear to her shoulder, pausing in the middle and back down to the resting place on the clavicle. A wondrous triangle of softness… or so I imagine while the night’s glasses of merlot course through me and the piano plays on the CD player. Against ingredients such as this my mind cannot help but imagine such as this.


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