Another gorgeous day today. Green leaves are exploding everywhere. The trees near my balcony, being the last to let their leaves go in the fall, are likewise going to be the last to acquire their new ones for the spring. I stopped by a little shop on broadway and bought a duffel bag. It is an old army issue bag and the salesman was telling me “its a genuine army bag…” and proceeded to tell me about it. I knew what to look for, I told him, and that I had circled the globe four times with such a bag… we were well acquainted. I supposed I could have bought a suitcase to use to take to Arkansas… but when else would I use it? This bag, however, is rugged and can take a beating and I would not worry about using it out in the woods. I’d rather have stuff that I can take from the woods to the inn, instead of the other way around.

Then it was stopping by the CD exchange and I bought some new CDs, adding to last week’s purchase where I bought the likes of The Doors, Culture Club, Elton John, and more. This week I got two Tesla CDs, Republica, Tenacious D, a CD with 26 songs from the Stray Cats (joy!) and a rock compilation with iggy pop to blondie to billy idol. happy happy joy joy.

I may let someone crash at my apartment while I am gone for the week. She drives up from southern Oregon to work here and the cost of gas and such… anyway, I offered her to stay at my place while I was gone, she’d not have a drive to do, she could work a lot this week, make a bit of cash and try and claw her way out of the debt she’s in.

I need more coffee. I have a difficult conversation with one of my girls coming up tonight. I do not look forward to it, but the best approach for this sort of thing will have to be the blunt, honest, and straightforward approach. I need more coffee.


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