letter from forest service : visitors’ guides

I got a letter from the Forest Supervisor of the U.S. Forest Service, telling me that she is not authorizing BLM to issue oil and mining permits in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. All the letters I’ve written and petitions I’ve signed must have put me on some large mailing list with the forest service.

I went to the Lane County Visitors Office, a couple blocks down, and picked up a stack of literature on the county. I wanted to take some ammunition with me when I try to explain to my kin-folk back home in Arkansas/Mississippi why I love Oregon so much. They are not likley to understand the cultural/social arguments I employ so much, caring very little for art galleries, bookstores, theatre, coffee shops and such. But fishing, hiking, camping, mountains… that’s a powerrful argument. Lots of pictures of mountains, ocean beaches, covered bridges, wildflowers, fishing spots, etc… lots of stuff that I did not know were here to begin with! After browsing some of the stuff, particularly the Britt Festivals! Holy smokes Batman! How is it that I’ve not been to the Japanese Garden in Portland yet? Yep… I want a car now!!!! There are wineries to go visit! Music festivals coming! Lakes to camp on, trails to hike, vistas to see.


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