no late fees : buying a gift for a stranger

On a small note. I rented three movies today and told the guy at the counter that I knew I had some late fees on two movies (three days worth). He said that there was nothing on the computer at all and that it didn’t appear that I owed anything. I wonder to myself it perhaps the little note that I stuck in the case of Amelie which said “I loved this movie immensely and hated to return it. I have watched it a dozen times.” had anything to do with my having no late fees? I didn’t put the note in the movie for such a purpose, it was simply one of countless dorky acts on my part expressing the joy I get out of things.

Another dorky thing. I was walking in the mall in Louisiana (Monroe) last week (dad was in waiting with my grandmother in the hospital and I was off to grab something to eat) and I was walking by a beauty salon. As I walked by I looked through the window and saw a lady sitting on the floor with a look of total sadness and anguish on her face. Two co-workers were standing over her with looks of concern. It appeared an emotional issue ( such as a broken heart instead of a physical one as though she twisted an ankle). There were no flower shops anywhere near me, so I walked into a Mervyn’s (like a JC Penney) and into the perfume/girlie section. I walked around with a look of bewilderment on my face, looking all around me, and all of the girls working there continued with their gossips and hanging out. Nobody came to help me (very poor customer service). Finally, after years of waiting and looking around, a lady in her 50’s came up to me and asked if I needed help. I told her that I wanted something small, nice that a girl might like, that it was for a girl that I did not know and would not know, that I wanted to get it to brighten her day. We settled on a french something or other (can’t remember the name) candle in a little holder. The lady also gave me a sample of perfume. I thanked her and returned to the beauty salon. I asked the lady at the desk if the lady I had seen sitting on the floor in distress was still present? I was told that she was. I then gave the candle to the lady at the desk, told her that it was for the distressed lady to maybe brighten her day, and that I was leaving and didn’t want the lady to come out and see me. And with a smile and wink I turned and left. I think that if I had stayed to say something to the distressed lady it would have taken away from the purer meaning of the small gift by adding small distractions to the message that I wanted to deliver, namely that someone wanted her to have a nice day.


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