writing skills

A friend had told me, after visiting my website, that I had “major writing and art skills”. My reply is below and I include it here because it is a bit telling of my self, and what is a journal if not telling of one’s self?

Thank you also for the compliment. I do not see my writing as particularly good. My thoughts are often not formed in my mind, a numbing music without melody, and only in putting pen to paper do harmonies form. More times than not I write something and I will stand back and wonder at the order I have created out of the chaos of my heart and mind. I will often read someone’s writing (particularly place-based literature) and they will give in one elegant sentence a whole universe of meaning and experience (and the two are inextricably tied together I believe) and I will sit in awe and wonder at their skill in delivering experience from the mountainside to the paper via pen when I cannot even get the feeling from the lump behind and below my ears into the prefrontal cortex region of the brain (bringing things from feeling to rational thought). Still, I do thank you for the kind words.


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