I am bothered. I had to get onto a girl tonight and I am going to have to take some shifts away from her. I am bothered by this. The girl in question has had a hard life thus far and she is in a state of flux currently, sometimes she is doing good, trying to get things in order, sometimes she is sliding into her destructive habits. I see in her a person in a crossroads and I want to help her help herself. Yet I am going to have to dicipline her and I have the fear that when I do it will only drive her to the wrong path. Tonight she walked out with all the maturity of a three-year old. A person that I’ve been giving little notes saying how good a job she is doing, walking up to her and giving her a hug and a kiss on the forehead telling her how proud I was she was doing well, a person who I’ve focused my attention on what she is accomplishing and not what she is failing in. And she acts in the manner that she did tonight. I am disappointed… and worried.


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