The week so far (good and bad)


I caught a cold (hope it doesn’t degrade into a flu) yesterday. Not much sleep last night due to waking up with shivers, and feeling sick. Plus getting up early to go do the money for the bar and moving around all day. Recipe for near happiness? Four parts dayquil, two parts excedrin, four cups of coffee, 32 oz of water, and a bag of halls defense vitamin C chews. This coupled with lack of sleep and I am a pure moron. The hour long walk home and I am REALLY loopy now. Going to drink a slimfast and drink a lot of nyquil and hit the bed.

The Cubs are over .500. Yay.

I made out with one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever met. Needless to say I feel completely like an ugly duckling and if this (I hope it doesn’t turn into the flu like it feels like it is) cold wasn’t kicking my butt I’d be REALLY hitting the gym hard this very minute!

Am moving closer to getting back out of debt.

Did my taxes online for free at

Grossed only $19,000 last year (and $16,000 year before).

Still suck at chess.

Went to the ballet (Stavinsky’s Firebird Suite) with a friend and co-worker and it ROCKED.

Grandmother is in serious condition.

Sister still hasn’t contacted me back.

I’ve not contacted my friends in quite some time.

Talked to a good friend in Houston for a hour over the phone Sunday.

Watching MUCH baseball.


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