Perugino Coffee House

The soundtrack to “Amelie” plays over my headphones. A second cup of cappucinno sits before me. For company I share my table with a stack of books and recently purchased CD’s, as well as a newly purchased limited edition DVD of the movie “Amelie”. “La Dispute” plays through my headphones and I am in a glorious rapture. I feel as though a current of electric emotion has been switched , such deep and loving emotion flows through me. I cannot tell where it comes from, nor where it goes… but am in the thrall of the flow of the feelings that overwhelm me. Listening to this song I am able to feel the joy and meaningfulness of being in love, while at the same time feeling the painful awareness that this love affair las for only four minutes and fifteen seconds, the length of the song. And so I listen to the song over and over again, prolonging my joy of feeling love, and building the inevitable feeling of seperation when the music finally ends.


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