one more thing…

Back from my trip to the bank. I’m calm now and am really tired… it is three hours past my bedtime. But while walking and reflecting on how happy I am at getting this far in paying off my debts and such… and seriously thinking about college in the fall without the spectre of debt hanging over my head… I remember some other things I paid for today, which even with all of the other demands for my money I was still quick to give out the money. $20 to a guy knocking on my front door who said he lived in the same building but on the other side (I’ve never seen him before) and that he was humbling himself to do what he needed to do in order to get his grandmother up from Austin, Texas to here. I offered to go fishing sometime also. $15 to one of my girls at the club for raffle tickets for her daughter’s school fund. And then when I got at home $10 on a website for a person about to ride 330 miles on a bike for AIDS research. Its not much money I know… but I am happy that even though I am paying off my own debts I can still give to those around me.

Time for bed.


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