It could be, It might be, It is…. Holy Cow, Cubs Win…. Cubs Win

If I believe in the power of the stars I’d say that they are aligned right now. But I don’t, so I wont. But this has been a really good last four weeks. I went to see my family. Then back here I make a huge leap forward in getting all of my debts paid for. The weather is warming up again and Spring is in the air. I am over this bug (finally). Yesterday I bought Acclaim’s All Star Baseball 2004 and I am having a blast on it. Speaking of baseball, the Cubbies have been on a tear as of late, lighting up the Cinci pitchers and scoring something like 37 runs in the last three games. They should be in first place in the central division, though I’ve not had a chance to watch any Cub games since opening day (grrr). And to top it all off, a gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) woman came over to my place and we made out for a little. Perfect body, great personality, all around great! It’s been a year since I’ve made out with anyone (and a year before that) and I do feel a bit awkward. She looks amazing naked… me naked… I’m going to have to turn up the intensity at the gym.

I love the baseball game. I had asked the guys at the store for their pick and they all recommended this one. They said the magazine reviews were not favorable, but that they liked the game. I have a few complaints… one… the “small ball” game isn’t as detailed as I’d like. I’d like to have more control over hit and runs, stealing bases (which I’ve not figured out how to do yet) shifting fielders, etc… The appearance of the fielders making plays on the ball don’t seem as “with it” as it should (seems a bit off) and the graphics are below what the XBOX can do (though might be really good for the PS2). But that aside, lets look at what won me over. I turn on the game and there is Lou Gehrig, one of three favorite baseball players (Gehrig, Sandberg, and Sosa) and he is giving his famous “I am the luckiest man” speech. Then it goes into video footage of baseball games to Smashmouth’s “All Star”. The interface of the game is great, it is set in a locker room and you move from chalkboards, to the office, to baseball card book, to a locker, to a movie projector. It has a very nostalgic feel to it. There are lots of mini videos with Cal Ripken and Jeter and others and moments in baseball. Background music at the game (and hitter intro music) runs from Pantera to “Werewolves in London” to Beethoven’s 9th and more. You can play a pickup game in a sandlot or pit the pre-war legends against players from the Negro Leagues. For people who love baseball, this game is an orgasm… but it does come up short in the mechanics for those who love baseball. But so far I really dig this game and I have the current Cubbies roster in spring training this year, Sosa is hitting home runs and Alou is off to a smoking start.

Life is good.


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