Another long week at work. Saturday night I get home at around 3:00 am. I watch Sports Center and cheer as I catch the headlines of the Cubbies winning against the Pirates (I place a white piece of paper with a blue W on it in the DJ booth when they win, ala the flag in center field at Wrigley Field). I wasn’t able to get much sleep as I had to be up at 7:00 am and grab a cab ride to work so that I can let the hood cleaners in at 8. Restaurant kitchens generally have fan operated hoods over their grills and these must be kept clean. Ours is not clean and is a fire hazzard. They were overdue. I was groggy but I made it.

I get a phone call from a young woman on my cell who tells me that a friend of mine is in jail and that he wants me to come bail him out. Unfortunately, I can’t do so until 12 when the window opens. So at 12:30 I end up at the jail, paying for bail and get my friend out. However, it was a very long wait as a beuracracy is nothing if it isn’t slow and tedious. So I waited for a while, played tetris on my cell phone for a while, helped out a guy who was released make some phone calls, waited some more, and finally met up with my friend about two hours later. The guy that I spent time talking to told me of his history, he’s 43, has 7 sons, is from Louisiana, lived in Arkansas for a while, spent 15 years in Louisiana state pen, was involved in a b.s. fight last night (on the street that I walk on to get home at about the time that I usually pass the area, but last night I got a ride from the bartender) with a guy who tried to kill him with a hammer. Listening to this guy talk about his life, his past, and then talking to the tow company on my cell phone and hearing the stress in his voice over the amount he has to pay for jail and towing and such, I am put in my place about how easy I’ve got it.

After everyone is out of jail and moving about their lives, I cross the street and go to the coffee shop. I buy a cup of coffee, put my headphones on with the soundtrack to Amelie in it, and open up my Franklin-Covey planner and look at my upcoming week. Before doing this I read over some motivational quotes that I’ve got copied in my planner to remind me of principles and goals and behavior and such. I was sitting there, feeling okay (a bit on the groggy side) when a guy walks by and picks up his coffee. I’ve seen this guy in the bar before and he might have recognized me (I don’t initiate the hellos because of the type of bar I work at… some people want to deny coming to my bar). He has an average build body but his head is half the size of a normal sized head. Once again I was put in my place. Because twice in the past week and a half I’ve made out with a gorgeous woman who really makes me feel uncomfortable with my body. Seriously… this woman is built like a brick shithouse and every little imperfection that I have is made all the more drastic in my eyes. But seeing this guy I am reminded of how lucky I am to be in the good health that I am… a fact that I am reminded of everytime I talk to my wonderful friend Gin who suffers from severe and constant migraines.

Thinking back over the last three years, the bouts of tough times (like this past december)… I still have had it pretty good and things are looking up even now. I’ve nearly caught up on my debt and will be free of all of it in two months (except for QWEST and I am going to take my sweet-ass time with those bastards).

There is a small used car lot near work and I am going to go look at an Isuzu on their lot. It is an 89 Trooper and I don’t know about the longevity of Isuzu’s… but it looks clean and they only want $2000 for it. I can swing $2000 pretty easy. I have crappy credit but I’m sure I can work something out. I can work and come up with perhaps half of it as a down payment and pay the rest off on payments or something. I don’t know. I’ll go talk to the people and see what I can work out with them. When I have a job I am good about paying my bills… my credit is sparkling… but when I don’t have a job (and no money) my credit is crap. Unfortunately, only one of these shows up on credit reports and my bouts with employment over the past three years have been bad. Still… I’ll get things together. I want to get a vehicle so that I can be more mobile. I am having to do more and more at work, with more duties coming where I’ll be needed to come in a couple times a day. If I plan on going to college anytime, I’m going to have to have faster transportation around than the bus, which takes me 30 minutes a trip. Plus I want to go camping, fishing, to Shakespeare in Ashland, and on a date sometime. So a vehicle is now a priority for me. I’ve been pretty lax about it, not really caring all that much, getting by okay without one. But I’ve come to the point where I really need to get one.

I was going over my old mission statements since 98. I don’t have my first couple anywhere… I can’t find them. But the earliest one that I still have is from 98… five of them to present.

Tonight they will be playing “Amelie” in room 100 of Willamette Hall at UO. Even though I now own the DVD I am still going to go to the UO to watch it. “Amelie” has supplanted “Gladiator” as my favorite movie. Plus… perhaps I’m a bit odd or overly romantic… but it would be nice to meet a nice girl who likewise loves the movie and has showed up to watch it as well.


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