Grand Slam

The bad news…. the Cubbies have lost two in a row.

The good news…

Wednesday night I was leaving the bar, grabbing a ride from my bartender, when my phone rings. It was the beautiful woman that I’ve made out with on two short occaisions earlier in the week. She had stopped by my place and I wasn’t there (it is 3:00 am). I told her that I was on my way and would be there in five minutes.

In my place we kissed, grabbed two glasses of red wine, sat on the floor, talked, kissed, kissed some more… and ended up in bed. One long make out session. We did stop once and made a quick 10 minute walk to the gas station for some stuff. I could see in the sky that dawn was not far away. Back home we got naked again and made out in bed. Her body is so amazing… I wanted to be everywhere over her body and yet concentrate on one spot at the same time. Two hands and a mouth is not enough! We continued to make out, never really going all the way, but getting very close. We had thought about waiting until a latter date to go all the way and while I was filled with desire for her, I was also content to wait. But as we continued to make out and kiss and my hands caressed her every inch of her body, we started getting more intimate (if that was possible). Unfortunately, this was about twenty minutes before I had to catch the 11:00 am bus to work so that I could open up the bar and prepare the money for the day. I sooooooooo hated to get up out of that bed.

I have been attracted to this woman for a while now on a physical level but have not really known her much as far as personality or character goes. I have a general idea but that is about all. Because of this I allowed myself to get close to her physically (whereas with other women recently I felt the sexual urge but nothing more and so I held myself in check). I wanted to get close to her. But as enticing as the notion of getting to know her better was, I was also horrified at the notion of being with her. Like the George Michael song “Father Figure” says “to be bold and naked by your side”…. I did not feel bold at all. She has a perfect body and beside her I am so accutely aware of how far from the mark of being one of the “beautiful people” I am. So I wanted her and I was afraid of her at the same time. But such is the pattern of nearly all the women I encounter.

Give credit to her… she was great. She made me feel so at ease with myself that sex didn’t seem to be a problem. Normally I am so uptight and self-conscious that I do not really enjoy myself as much as I would like. But with her I was able to a large extent to let go of my self appraisals and enjoy her body, and enjoying her body was enjoyable to mine.

The time we spent together was from about maybe 3:30 am to 11:00 am and most of that was talking or making out (a lot of making out). Time went by very fast…. it would have been nice to have had two days off in a row… I could use them.

For all accounts we are both simply enjoying each other and have made no commitments for anything serious. But it is great while it is going and when we’ve gone through this phase I sincerly hope that we’ll be truly great friends for years to come. She is some kind of wonderful!


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