Drama night

Tonight was drama night and then some! Everything was smooth until my boss left. “Call me if you need me” and then he went home. Okay. Then things happened. Girls being major drama queens, guests being odd, a couple having sex in the women’s bathroom, more stuff… and I half-way expected a guy to come calling for me. This is the guy who called one of my girls and had made her cry and very emotional. I am somewhat familiar with the situation and after a while I took the phone from her, called him a bitch and yelled at him. He called the bar phone twice and I wouldn’t give him time, saying that I had a business to run and didn’t have time to mess with stupid boys. We were busy, I was cooking and doing DJ and being manager and I am glad that the night is over.

To top it off, I am letting one of my girls who lives a couple hours south of me and I am letting her crash on my couch. But because of this I am unable to have company over. And I am craving her skin, her scent, her touch right now… but I am going to wait until the girl crashing on my couch goes home before I invite her over. I’ve asked her to come over for dinner Sunday night… I want to cook seafood for her. I’ve never cooked seafood and it will be interesting. But food, wine, conversation, and making out on Sunday night.

I cannot wait.


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