The pitchers are up in the bullpen…

I made a date for sunday night. I was going to cook dinner, get a bottle of reisling and a pinot noir, go to a nearby fish market and plan a great night. I have a meeting with the staff Sunday afternoon, and I work Saturday night. I talked to her on the phone and we both can’t wait until Sunday night to see each other. But I did have to close the club up tonight and that I’ll be with her around 3 am. She needed some sleep and said that she’d get a nap. Okay.

My boss walks in the door at 10 pm and says “take off. I know you have someone waiting for you and you’re going to have a long week ahead of you and you need this.” I asked him if he was serious three times. He said yes, so go. I did.

I came home and shaved (upstairs and downstairs -grin… I got a hint from her) and have stalled as long as I could, wanting her to get some sleep. But I can’t wait anylonger… I’ve been her for an hour and I am thinking of her and when I lathered up in the shower and shaved myself I thought I’d go nuts…. so I’ve called a cab and am going to go over.


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