be still my heart

If I had known today was going to be this busy I would have gotten up four hours earlier! I am running behind, but be this as it is… I still must take time to record an email sent to me from Eliza. I was blown away by it. This was sent to me after our spending Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday day together.

Hello Coyote,

I thoroughly enjoyed the poem. I was a bit surprised when I saw you had sent it to me, but thrilled just the same. I slipped into the deepest slumber around 2am and slept like dead. I am finally feeling refreshed again and my lobster eyes have left.

For the first time in a while I have an open agenda to complete the errands I have been neglecting. I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but as they said in sales school, “Motion cures (E)motion” The reconnection of my phone service should help set the ball rolling–thanx =)

The time we have spent together has been unprecedented in richness. I’m continually amazed by the abundance of things we can do. Our minds together may make more sense, but our bodies have discovered they also speak a similar langauage. When your hands skim over my body it cannot refrain from responding; my skin quivers and muscles ache to feel the tips of your fingers press deep desire. Needing only a few moments of your touch or an infusion of passion from your eyes, my blood races with explosive heat, sending a current of passion building to a much needed release. For a man recently absent from sharing intimacy, your tongue and pulsating manhood are guided with a marksman’s accuracy. I know not how we both will cross the shore of unbridled sensuality, but we can swim its waters side by side in this Sweet September of discovery. Desert rain cascades in sheets, its streams seeping into the body of land recieving — all spring waits in blessed anticipation of the prom!
ises to come…..

Perhaps we should reconsider our activities for Wednesday? =) Something to think about…. My body seems to be currently overriding the flow of my mind so I shall send this… And now there is a big shitty grin plastered to my face. he he he


Right now I am melting in my seat and my hands remember well the shape of her body and long for its form again. Her writing style and many of the comments she has made this weekend give me pause. Here is one whom I cannot easily box into a personality definition. The physical chemstry between us was quick to ignite. But I find that as I spend more time with her, the ice around my mental processes is melting, that I want to share with her.

I really must be moving along on my errands right now… so this will have to be a short entry.


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