I get ideas

I get ideas by Louis Armstrong
When we are dancing and your dangerously near me
I get ideas, I get ideas
I want to hold you so much closer than I dare to
I want to scold you ’cause I care more than I care to

And when you touch me and there’s fire in every finger
I get ideas, I get ideas
And after we have kissed goodnight and still you linger
I kinda think you get ideas too

Your eyes are always saying the things you’re never saying
I only hope they’re saying that you could love me too
For that’s the whole idea it’s true,
The lovely idea that I’m falling in love with you

Last night Eliza spent the night with me again. We had a wonderful afternoon before I had to go to work, exploring her body… I did not want to leave for work. My first words to my boss when I arrived at work (five minutes late) were “I am fucking dedicated… I am here!”. He could only laugh a knowing laugh.

Work was good… business was great… and it will get better. Eliza came home with me and we talked a little before going to bed. In bed we simply laid naked and kissed a few times. She said “good night eddie” and we drifted into sleep. I slept soundly and I woke up feeling refreshed. We got up and talked some more and after a while I walked her to the bus where she then went home. I turned towards the liquor store to place an order for work.

Some thoughts… I am feeling comfortable around her. We just sat down last night and were looking into our own little interests and it was natural and didn’t feel forced at all. The woman is remarkable. We have a lot in common, but a lot of differences as well. We can relate with each other but also have enough differences between us for interest.

Just now I was walking home from the liquor store and it started to rain a soft rain. I loved it and I pulled my Cubs hat on straight and sang Louis Armstrong to myself, my spirit light and giddy thinking of her. I had written a personals ad over a year ago, saying that I wanted a woman where I was in a constant state of flux with her, where one moment I felt a great urge to kiss her, another moment I felt an urge to listen to her, another moment to tell her something, another to hold her hand, another to just gaze at her… never tiring of her beauty.

I must get ready for work now.


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