daylight breaks

I promised myself that I’d make my workout today (monday)… so I cannot miss it. However I have to run to the club early. What would be a fifteen minute roundtrip errand will take me a little over an hour. That’ll sour my coffee, particularly with what I want to accomplish for the day. Not much… set up a glass and a cardboard recycling system at the bar, order a new/different tap beer, finish up the liquor inventory form and calculate beverage cost, review drink prices and tweak them a bit, run the errand to the bar, get my gym workout in, and maybe sometime get my driver license. I might do that tomorrow.

My mental funk has cleared. I was clearing up a little bit tonight, saw that “The Natural” had started again two hours later and watched the whole movie this time. I was feeling a little better until Eliza called me… then I felt a lot better. We talked on the phone for something like four or four and a half hours. My cell phone is very very hot right now. I should stick it in the freezer.

One thing that I like, is that even though Eliza has told me several times that she thinks she might talk too much at times, that she thinks she repeats things (okay, she does sometimes but I don’t care), that she skips over topics and will jump from one topic to another in mid sentence… she always says something that strikes a chord in me, that will make my eyebrows raise, will give me pause to stop and consider. Whether it is something that I have said/written myself, or a novel view on a thought. I like talking to her and I don’t know how to describe it really… I don’t feel like I am posturing as a smart guy, or a dorky guy (which I definitely am) or this or that… I feel comfortable around her. As much as I sometimes feel like she is too good looking for the likes of me, I do feel very comfortable around her.

Look at this… I get off the phone with her and I’m writing about her. I’ve got it bad. I’m nuts for the woman. I am going to miss her when she goes to Eastern Oregon… I am going to want to go visit her.

Groan… only a few hours until time to get up and begin the day… five hours. But I would not take back those hours on the phone with her… I’d stay up two days to have that conversation with her. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Okay… off to bed now. In other news… the Cubbies won and I liked seeing the highlight of Dusty Baker’s kid (is his name Darrin?) sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch.


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