two weeks and still feel great

Eliza is in the shower and I sit here with my Pandora purring in my lap. She came over at 7 and we’ve spent the evening talking and eating pizza. Its been, what… two weeks? And I still feel like it is the first day, that every time I see her is a special event. Tonight I’ve caught the feeling that I am the luckiest guy in the world. Everything about her causes me to stop and breathe. Whether it is her legs (which I am crazy about) or her smile or a question/statement about something, or watching her show empathy and compassion for someone/friend/family member… I am often overcome with… with… something. Something where whenever I hear her laugh, I smile. When she is in the same room, I tingle. Whenever I feel her skin (like along her calves, or on the tops of her palms) I breathe deeply. Whenever I kiss her I want to melt into her lips. Whenever I look into her eyes I want to unlock my own eyes and relay the contents of my heart. I look at her and I wonder… can she feel the same as I do? Can she feel as content? Can she feel as happy? Sometimes when I look at her and I feel that surge of energy through me, I find it amazing that she might possibly think the same as I do, that she might feel the same as me. I shut my eyes and shake my head, telling myself that the gods have more interest in playing jokes and ironies within my life than any such grand event as meeting Eliza.

I am going to miss her when she leaves for Eastern Oregon, but I also look forward to our many emails. It seems similar to when I would go overseas while in the Marine Corps and my correspondence with love interest were via snail mail (before the internet). Writing letters was, to me, a special way of communicating… there is thought involved, there is a phrasing of things, a rhythym, it seems more intimate than a phone call. I look forward to this extra dimension of communication with her, to see what we uncover about each other and in what ways our relationship grows.


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