Up early and…

Got a phone call and I got up two hours earlier than I planned. But since I am up I might as well stay up (it is now 11) and go to the gym and then the cyber-cafe and print out an ad for an upcoming travelling men’s show. But mostly I need to go to the gym. Sneaking around the apartment so as to not wake up Eliza, I pause in the bedroom as I grab my gym shorts from the foot of the bed. Her naked calf is stretched out from under the covers and I pause… wanting to feel the skin on her calf but not wanting to wake her. Unable to resist I bend down over the bed and kiss her calf a few times, being careful not to give myself up to a leg jerk in the face, but loving the smoothness of her skin against my lips. Feeling a swelling in my heart, I slowly turn and leave the room, leaving her to sleep in her dreams.

Even asleep, with no makeup, with her hair tussled about, and her face slack… she is incredibly beautiful and I have to catch my breath.


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